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  • Cheers, Tony. I'll be going every year - it's stunning (not the whisky, the scenery). ;)
    Well in, BR! (keep it up).
    Carol, welcome to the blogosphere - popping over now...
  • Well done Carol!
  • nice one, Carol!
  • Just updated the blog, detailing my anthology success. Had to be done.

  • Well done again, Pixie!

    Carol - it seems you have a new follower.
  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-cant-be-only-person-who-has-read-it.html

    this post is kind of a mystery I would like to solve [it is kind of a mystery not I kind of want to solve - I DO want to solve it!]
  • Good afternoon TBers. New blog post today about how I plan to tackle my lack of writing!

  • A post about a great review site that's retruned, plus a few updates...
    (Don't trip over in the rush to get there) ;)

  • New Blog post!

  • And another new blog post from me again! Only this time, it's a story. :)

  • edited September 2010
    My latest blog update is posted- getting the hang of this now...

  • Blog update for those interested in metaphor/simile and symbolism


    Also, some stories/poems and flash fiction.

  • I decided to make a change to my posting of yesterday and split it into two pieces- as it was really two subjects and one issue has changed overnight almost- so today's part is here:


    and later tonight I'll be updating the other more serious piece re Hatchette and the agency model.

    I've also worked on a few of the side bars, and am now looking for a decent photo of me to resize for the blog. :)
  • I'm getting an error message in the box for leaving comments, Carol. Is it my system?
  • Not sure Dorothy- I was having problems yesterday.
    I'll check it out when I get back. Thanks

  • I've just posted a comment successfully.
  • Yes thank you BB. I have posted a response to BB's comment and it was okay.
    I checked the spam folder just in case it was there, but I can only assume it was something about the computer, or a temporary glitch, Dorothy.
  • ok,thanks! Will go there later and have a read.
  • I've posted tomorrow's blog tonight as I don't get time to go on the computer until Friday afternoon.
    The website link is not working at the moment- seems to have been problems the last couple of days. When I previewed tomorrow's blog earlier this afternoon it had lost the paragraph spacing, so kept it as a draft and checked this evening prior to posting...well it's all a learning experience. :)

  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/09/tale-of-five-fish-part-5-yet-another.html

    this is the end of the fish saga for now...until we get some more fish [don't worry the last fish has not gone anywhere!]
  • Updated the blog. For those who wanted to find out what the truths and lies were, you can find out here:

  • I tried to comment Pixie, but was getting a 503 error message, so will try later.
  • http://chippy-thelifeofwriting.blogspot.com/2010/09/if-she-doesnt-scare-you.html

    and a post about a flash fiction piece I've written today.
  • [quote=Carol]I tried to comment Pixie, but was getting a 503 error message, so will try later. [/quote]

    it seems to be doing that quite a bit today. It just did it now when I tried to post...but thankfully it had saved what I'd written otherwise I wold have had to start all over again!
  • Not sure what is going on at the moment, but I've delayed my next blog posting in the hope it will be sorted by Monday.
  • I just this minute commented and "followed" you, Carol. Seems to have worked ok.
  • edited September 2010
    Thanks, that's good news it seems to be working.

    I've added a book related poll to my blog.
  • My Friday Prediction went out a day early (my fault) but I've also posted a poem that was hard to write "Cult of Crimson Tides" at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2010/09/cult-of-crimson-tides.html
  • Carol I tried to vote in your poll but don't know if it registered as it's showing 0 votes.

    Hello everyone who remembers me, by the way. Sorry I don't visit often nowadays but work, the blog, and facebook take up much of my free time. And you know, sometimes I actually write! ;-)
  • [quote=Joanne]Carol I tried to vote in your poll but don't know if it registered as it's showing 0 votes. [/quote]

    I just tried to vote and got the same thing.

    [quote=Joanne]work, the blog, and facebook take up much of my free time. And you know, sometimes I actually write![/quote]

  • edited September 2010
    Thanks, I'll have a look at it. I've had problems with the html again today- so there may be an ongoing problem- seems intermittent.

    Just checked the poll settings, and voted myself, and it seems to be working okay now.
  • Hi Carol,

    Nice blog - have followed, but got an 'error' message when I tried to post a comment

    pp x
  • Was it a specific number error pp?
  • I dont know - will try again
  • Its ok...it went on this time :-)

    pp x
  • I have just done some checking. I wiped the quiz and put it back in afresh, so hopefully that will work now.
    I'll check the comments later and see if it's come through okay pp.
  • http://stevenchapmanwriter.blogspot.com/2010/09/just-checking-in.html

    Nothing exciting, just letting people know I'm still alive
  • New blog post detailing my acceptance into another anthology.

  • good one, Pix, left my congratulations on your blog. It is a great cover, you're right.
  • Blog update for those interested in revealing characters through dialogue


    Also, some stories/poems and flash fiction.

  • Just a brief blog on very very short stories

  • New blog post detailing the acceptances of the other two anthologies that completed my hat trick:

  • edited September 2010
    comment left -

    edit: instant memory of my father saying to my very young daughter as we entered a cafe:

    oh look, no orange squash left. Lots on the right, none left.
  • My blog update: Research & Inspiration - some thoughts.


    pp x
  • Wanna laugh? Select your favourite joke...
  • About costume...

  • more research...and the fast approaching NaNoWriMo!

  • Blog update for those interested in how to edit work


    Also, some stories/poems and flash fiction.

  • I haven't added a new post but I have changed my design slightly. It is still very purple though!

  • sinusitis notwithstanding...


    hope I feel better by Tuesday.
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