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let it snow on google

edited December 2011 in Off-topic
you may know this already but if you type 'let it snow' into google search it starts snowing on your screen.


  • Didn't work.

  • Oh I just tried again and it worked , you have to wait a few seconds
  • http://crave.cnet.co.uk/software/google-let-it-snow-makes-your-browser-christmassy-50006443/
  • Nope. No snow here. And according to that link I'm not alone.

  • I got a misted 'windscreen' which I could then wipe with the mouse, and a thing that said 'defrost'...
  • I got it to snow!
    And then it asked if I wanted a defrost and I said yes and everything got clear again and not misty and snowy.
  • Damn, didn't work for me either.
  • I got it eventually but it didn't white out completely.
  • I got santa's musical snow globe. Better than nowt.'
  • Does it matter which google engine you use?
  • I'm off to make snow (or not)
  • Nah... it didn't work - no snow on my desktop
  • There seem to be problems with this and IE, apparently. Works on Mozilla, and Chrome.
  • Works ok on both chrome and IE here (think it probably depends on which version of IE you have)
  • Done it. Bit of an anti-climax. Don't know what I was expecting, but ......
  • Worked for me. I'm on Firefox. Hope that's the only snow I see this winter.
  • Didn't work for me

    so I shook my head in stead

    and the amount of dandruff that sprinkled onto the keyboard

    made up for google's non existent performance
  • Uses less electricity, too, Dora.

    In fact, it might even generate electricity.
  • Hmm ... I just got it to work too (tried it a few times since Saturday without success) and the defrost button worked.

    Things like that impress me - maybe I live a sheltered life ;)
  • Nice that you get out and about, once in a while, Lexia, eh?
  • Actually Anna, I'm sat on the settee in the living room.
    Been out with dog to get vegetables and then came back !
  • Ah, you wish to vegitate.

  • For those of us who need to get out more - if you put 'do a barrel roll' into Google, that's exactly what it does!
  • Oh my goodness !
    That's my 'useful' stuff done for today.
    Now, I wonder what happens if I put 'laptop makes tea' into Google ... ...
  • Good luck with that, Lexia! :-)
  • Bye! Must rush off to try 'laptop loses 3 stone for its owner'.
  • Hey yeah

    "keys in ....

    'laptop finds sexy male dancer/stripper/maker of tea for it's owner'
  • [quote=megrose]if you put 'do a barrel roll' into Google, that's exactly what it does[/quote]

    I didn't expect it to do that while I was still typing it!

    And I couldn't get it to snow at work (IE) bu tI have got google to snow at home (firefox)
  • Speaking of Google I've just read that Friend Connect is being retired for all non blogger sites at the beginning of March.

  • They are tying a lot of their things up to Google+.
  • fantastic
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