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Tragedy at the station where my OH is working

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My OH is working at a station in Surrey and he just phoned in a bit of a state as he saw a woman jump in front a train and kill herself. He is of course very, very shocked. They had to wait a while to remove her body too , until the track was made safe etc. So awful.


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    That's terrible.
  • How awful for your husband, and for the poor woman and her family.

    Really sorry, kateyanne.
  • I'm so sorry to hear this bad news. Simply awful.
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    Oh, kateyanne, it is harder to be the witness than the person who has made the decision and taken the leap. They have reached the point of no return; the witness hasn't got that choice. I hope there is counselling available for your husband. The only thing that is certain is that there was absolutely nothing he or anyone else there could have done - otherwise he would have done it.
    Really underlines the fatuousness of Clarkson's comments on the subject, though, doesn't it? The reality is devastating.
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    That's awful - I'm so sorry, kateyanne. Your husband must feel so horribly shocked. And now he presumably has to do the rest of a day's work before being able to come home and be comforted. Poor him - and you. It must be absolutely awful to see something like that happen right before your eyes. It's bad enough reading about it. So sad that peope get to the state when they have no hope, and that poor woman's family, too.
  • Awful, kateyanne. Of course we can't stop everything when things like this happen but I do think your OH should be given a break from work - even if only for a couple of hours.
  • That's terrible; so upsetting for your husband, the other witnesses and the woman's family and friends.

    (((((((((kateyanne and OH)))))))))
  • I'm so sorry this has happened to your husband Kateyanne. I can only echo all that has been said already.
  • You are right Rosalie he has to carry on with his work. The ticket woman is really distraught as the woman ran past her and she went after her, then the woman jumped right in front of her.
  • What a shock for your husband and the other witnesses. I hope he is able to come to terms with it quickly.
  • What an awful thing to witness; my thoughts are with all concerned.
  • So sorry to hear that Katyanne - quite awful for all concerned
  • As with any traumatic event, being able to talk about it is vital to help reduce any damage, but now supporting him is enough until he's ready to talk.
  • I'm so sorry ka. What an awful thing to witness just before Christmas.

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ka * OH)))))))))))))))))))))))
  • That is terrible, Kateyanne, for everybody. It may well take your OH some time before he gets over it. Thinking about you.
  • Just terrible. Your poor husband.

    And poor woman. Christmas time is very hard for a lot of people - seeing others with their families and good cheer and love must be very hard if you are without either. Al the Christmas TV - all the ads... it's relentless.

    Hope those left behind can come to terms.
  • What an awful thing to happen - for all concerned.
  • If people wish to take their lives so be it, and infront of others is a terrible thing to do.
    I have every sympathy for your husband Kateyanne, I hope it does not spoil the festive season for him and your family.A terrible event to witness.
  • Oh, how awful for everybody. Thinking of you and your husband, kateyanne.
  • How very sad. So often at this time of year things get too much for people. It makes you stop and appreciate what you do have and pray that their families and those affected by their actions will have the strength to get through.
  • Hugs for you and Hamid. A horrid thing to be a witness to.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((KA + Hamid))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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    I think the person was a young woman, a model, who was shunned by her boyfriend. This really is so sad. I hope your OH is recovering Kateyanne. My thoughts go out to the girl's family.
  • No that was in Wales, Marc I think, very sad she was only 16. My OH said the woman yesterday looked about 40.
    He is still shaken by it said he saw her all night in his sleep.
  • An awful thing to witness and so tragfic for the woman's family. Please make sure your husband has counselling when he is ready to talk. My late father in law was a train driver (steam at the beginning of his career) and told me of the shock of not being able to stop when someone jumped in front of his train. It happened several times to him and in those days there wasn't any help in fact he said that at one time the driver was suspended on grounds of manslaughter until it was clear they were not to blame.
    Let's hope the woman has found peace.
  • Hope your OH is OK, Kateyanne.
  • Hi , Rosalie thanks for asking. He is still busy working there, quite long hours, was working all last night as the station is quieter and they can all get on with the work which has to be finished by tomorrow. He slept today then went off again to work at 4pm so i haven't seen him much since it happened really. When I have seen him in passing he has mentioned it and seems to be ok.
  • That's good to hear. Take care, both of you. I hope you still manage to enjoy Christmas.
  • Hi Kateyanne
    this is so tragic, the poor train driver must be having nightmares as well. I do hope your husband is now coming to terms with what he witnessed .
  • What a tragedy - especially for the 'jumper's family, as well as your OH!

    My brother-in-law works on the railway - started as a guard, saw too many tragedies such as these (or rather, the grisly aftermath)...but one day, when he'd moved on to be a Signalman, he witnessed a man walk onto his level crossing and turn to face an express, arms spread, grinning... Another time, he watched an Intercity train whizz through the crossing, with a person embedded in between its front buffers & wheel trucks... Absolutely gruesome, and I have to admit a baffling way to end one's life; I can't begin to imagine the instant of physical pain involved - let alone the anguish for those left behind...

    Hope your OH recovers quickly, Kateyanne - make sure he gets thorough counselling...
  • I am now shocked to learn that two women died in similar cirumstances at almost the same time. I have a relative who is a train driver and this has happened to him twice. The company now give the drivers time off, offer counselling and provide give them a cash payment (why a cash payment I don't know but it is a few thousand pounds apparently!)
  • Oh dear. What a terrible thing to see.
  • Dreadful thing to happen indeed. Surely there must have been someone in her family who could have recognised she was in this state and taken action. It is so awful for those who witness these events. As for Clarkson, he has a big mouth that needs to be zipped. He was rude on more than one occasion about East Anglia where I live.
  • How is your husband now, Kateyanne? I hope he is OK.

    Woll, I am no expert on this but sometimes people who are suicidal are beyond help, even by those who love them most. It must be terrible if someone you love commits suicide, be it family or friend, but the last thing such families and friends should do is to blame themselves, any more than if their loved one had died of cancer or something similar. Depression, which is often what lies behind suicide, is an illness, which if untreated can be fatal. No one can force anyone else to have treatment. My heart goes out to the families of those poor people who died.
  • So true Rosalie. It's those left behind who suffer, though of course anyone who commits suicide was suffering themselves at the time and were very ill if they carried out the act.
    I know from personal experience that depression is a terrible thing and if you are in so much despair then you can not think of anything at all apart from some way of not being here.

    Hope OH is ok, Kateyanne.
  • Kateyanne, I missed this first time round but I hope your OH is okay and is getting some help to deal with what he saw.

    I used to do support work with females who had been the victims of rape and sexual abuse and self-harm and suicide were topics that regularly came up. We were taught not to judge but to try to get them to think about why they thoguht suicide was the only way out. It was usually because they saw it as a way of stopping the pain and that no other option was available to them - so sad that people feel that way.
  • Thanks everyone my OH is fine now. We never did find out who the woman was.
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