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Cobras in Egypt. What noise do they make? What do they look like?

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Can anyone help me find info on cobras in Egypt ( there is one in my story) I have googled and can't find much at all. King cobras keep coming up and I don't think they are found in Egypt?
Not much on wikipedia, I especially need to know what sound they make, size and their colour, some sites say black some red some yellow!
Any help much appreciated.Thanks!


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaUabx19oPc

    The King cobra is a larger version of the cobra, they are found in northern africa.

    As they are from the same family it is probably safe to assume the noises this one is making is the same as its smaller Egyptian counterpart. Not sure as I am not a snake expert but thought this might be of use.
  • Thanks, Neph the King cobra makes a growling noise but I am not sure the cobras in Egypt do.
  • I think its the species but not sure.
  • I think pretty much all cobras hiss - to warn of their venom.



  • Sorry, meant to give their Latin name, Naje haje haje
  • Thanks, Liz that's useful.
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    If you google naja haje you'll get lots of views of Egyptian cobras - doesn't sound very Latin but it's definitely its species name, well found, Liz!
  • One tip: NEVER try and tickle them under their chin, cos they do giggle......then bite!
  • [quote=toothlight]One tip: NEVER try and tickle them under their chin, cos they do giggle......then bite![/quote]

  • BTW naja is latinised form of Sanskrit word 'naga' meaning cobra.
  • Which is why Rudyard Kipling's snakes in RikkiTikkiTavi were Nag and Nagana?
  • Their other names were 'bitey,'and 'squeezy.'
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