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Jubilee parties etc

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Just looked in my local paper and there are quite a few parties going on in my town. Nothing in my street though.
Are you going to any Jubilee parties? What plans have you got?
Are you watching any of the royal events on the TV?


  • I know the nearby village is doing a big event, hog roast, games etc.
    But it will be tv for me, in between the furniture moving.

    My belly dancing teacher has a ticket for the concert at Buckingham Palace.
  • There is a free party in our village - tables are being set up outside (hope it's not raining) and there will be live music etc, and the centre of the village is all decorated with flags. It looks fab. Not really a Royalist, my children are quite anti - but we decided to put bunting out 'cos it's fun and lively and who wouldn't want to get together with all their village friends outside for a chat and strawberries and a hog roast?

    I also bought a flag last night to put on Lola.
  • Sunday, I'm having lunch with my parents. In their close, all the neighbours are contributing to a tea - sandwiches, scones, sparkling wine and tea. I've been invited to that.

    Monday, a friend is hosting a party at her house - BBQ mid-afternoon into the evening. That should be fun as she has a heated pool and a massive garden.

    Tuesday, nursing hangover.

    I've put some flags up, none of my neighbours have yet.
  • My daughter and b/f have hired a barge on Sunday, near where they live, so we'll have our own royal barge! We will decorate it with bunting and wave flags.
  • I think there are various things happening here in Exeter; but as a definite event, we are having a Diamond Jubilee Bring and Share Lunch at our parish church (St. Boniface, Whipton, Exeter, where I am the Vicar) This will be at 12.30pm in the church grounds, or indoors if the weather intervenes. If any TBers happen to be in the vicinity of Exeter then, you would be very welcome.

    Am I watching any of the events on tv? I expect I shall see some of it on the news programmes, but will not be making any special efforts to watch it.
  • We have been invited by the British Consul to a concert at the Auditorium in Santa Cruz tomorrow.
    The Tenerife Government have decided to mark the occasion with an orchestral rendering of (I think) the march to which HRH Queen entered the abbey.
    So it's best bib and tucker for him, glad rags for me, and I've made myself a red white and blue choker - how patriotic is that?
    On the actual day we shall probably go to the English bar and be unashamedly expat for once!
  • [quote=JohnWho63]or indoors if the weather intervenes.[/quote]
    I do miss this aspect of England - "If wet, in the Parish Rooms".
  • What a fantastic concert last night.
  • Yes, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    My next-door-neighbour-but-one went up to nearby Okeford Hill to see the beacon lit.
  • We are going to an open air theatre production of I, Peasebody and I, Caliban by Bristol Old Vic in some beautiful organic gardens near us - the family of Yeo Valley yogurts actually. Tomorrow evening! Apparently, the owner has decided to get a couple of marquees just in case of rain...

    When I say we, that's me, son and his g/f... OH is coming back tomorrow evening, but we will be there watching the theatre, so no-one will be home.
  • Party at Liz!'s!
  • Well, OH will be. But on his own, all sad and unwanted.
  • My belly dancing teacher had a ticket for the concert- fortunately her Mum lives in the London area so she was staying with her.
    The concert was really good, a variety of music, and Grace Jones and her hoop action for four minutes, amazing.
  • I'm off to a street party now, in the next street. Just getting the baby ready with his Union Jack outfit and hat, then we're set. It's cloudy, but that won't dampen spirits.
  • You're not getting away that easily, Red. We demand pictures of said outfit, with baby inside.
  • Yes, we must have a picture.
    Enjoy yourselves. :)
  • Definitely a picture. Have fun.
  • I have been watching the TV nearly all day, ( ITV after the terrible BBC commentary on Sunday) the church service then the procession and balcony appearance, amazing crowds in the Mall.
    It's all been fantastic.
    Yes, Red photo please!
  • I'd rather see happy smiling faces in London than what we witnessed last year with thugs and thieves torching the capital.
  • Knowing me, I'll get the photo first haha.

    I've been at work for a good part of today, and I'm going to an 18th birthday party tonight so I haven't had time to see all the coverage, unfortunately.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the concert too. Would've loved to have been there.
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    Maybe the BBC's Pageant commentator knew about today when he remarked: "We've been lucky with the weather."
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