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Anyone know anything about videos made on an iPad?

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I have a video on my iPad, kindly made for me by a teacher who had a better view than me of my daughter playing the piano at her school assembly this morning. I've worked out how to get it onto my Windows computer so that I can send it to various other interested parties, but unless it's played in iTunes, it's upside down! My teenage son tells me the teacher must have had the iPad upside down, but as the picture swings any way you want it to on the iPad, I don't know if that's right. Is there any way I can make it play the right way up in Media Player or will everyone have to use iTunes? It only has sound on Quicktime and RealPlayer - no picture at all.


  • Hi Nena, I'm afraid I don't know the PC software, but will happily convert it for you if you can dump it somewhere for me to get at. Is it small enough to email, even?
  • That's kind of you, Webbo, but I can't email it straight from the iPad -it's too big - and I've just discovered that when I sent my husband the file I'd converted from my laptop, he only gets the sound, even with iTunes. I'm going to have to keep fiddling.

    The thing is that our staff have all recently been given iPads and have been happily making videos, but now the videos are all stuck on the iPads and no one can share them. I thought I might have made a breakthrough, but maybe not. We need something simple but effective...and I really want to share this video! (Proud Mother Syndrome.)
  • You could put it in a Dropbox folder and invite Webbo to share it.
  • Yay! I've done it. I found a programme called Freemake Video Converter that flipped the video up the right way and now it plays in Media player! YouTube is a wonderful place for finding out the answers to the most obscure things! Thanks for the offer of help Webbo, but I'm glad to be able to go back to work in two weeks and say, "This is how you do it!"

    Now I'm off to send my daughters video to unsuspecting family members! Won't they be pleased?
  • LizLiz
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    You should also be able to send the video straight rom the ipad to Youtube - that's what I do, not matter how big it is.

    You can have the ipad upside down - the camera is on one edge, so if you had that being filmed with the camera upside down, the image from the camera would still put itself the right way up for the teacher to view what she was filming... but be recorded upside down. That shouldn't matter with digital images anas it i so easy to flip them, which is probably why you can do it.

    Edit to say you can make a Youtube video completely private, so no-one else can see it.
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    I did think of the Youtube option, Liz, but I had my IT Support hat on and was thinking of all the videos at school that need to come off the iPads and onto the school system (which isn't set up for Apple at all...we don't even have a Mac!) Anyway, now I know what to do to get them off and any others that are the wrong way up can be fixed. I suppose, in hindsight, that we could load them all to Youtube and then use a Youtube downloader, but...I don't which way would be less fiddly.

    But Youtube wouldn't fix the upside-down problem, of course. :(
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