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Something has happened to my Open Office ?Word can anyone help plse?

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I use open office to write, but I can save the file as a Word document by clicking on save as and selecting the word 97/2000 etc and giving it a new file name.
But for some reason when I do that now it won't save as Word doc but saves a file only, the symbol being a blank doc in the list of docs and I can't open it. I must have clicked on something to have changed it can anyone help me restore it as it was?


  • PC or Mac? If Mac, I would suggest trying an alternative open office. For example, Neo Office or Libre Office. I use Libre Office. Unfortunately, I think these are both Mac only.

    If you get the same result with an alternative open office the fault would appear to be on the Word side.

    If PC, can you open documents that were created with Word? If not, the fault is on the Word side. If yes, go on to the Open Office website and make sure you're using the most up-to-date version. If necessary, delete your existing version and download a fresh one (you should be able to restore your system if necessary, but as a Mac person I can't help you with that bit).
  • Thanks Onlinegenie it's a lap top. I'll try doing what you suggest re the web site.
  • Mine was doing the same, I just uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest version. Works fine now.
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