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HELP ! Facebook expert needed urgently !

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I am writing
a book called "Remembering Maltby". It is memories, anecdotes and a little bit of ordinary history, for and by the people of Maltby (with a good bit of research, editing and stuff by me, obviously ) There will be original drawings/paintings of "Old Maltby" from our local artist.
I set up a Facebook page called "Remembering Maltby" and the response to it is nothing short of overwhelming.
Since starting in January there are now almost 2000 members who have been posting old photos, reminiscing and finding out things about their town that they didn't know.
Young and old are joining in and together we are recording history as a community.

I posted on here that the only worry I had was that I
ought to get to grips with the timeline thing before it changes completely ... and I am up Maltby Beck without the proverbial paddle !
Well, this has happened, inevitably I suppose and now I find that I can't go back to earlier pages on the page as they were posted. Going back on the timeline takes me to dates when others posted things on their pages, not the chronological order of posts that Remembering Maltby was originally. (if that makes sense)

I have much of the information saved, but there is/was very much that I wanted to look back on, now I am at the writing stage.

PLEASE HELP ! Surely there must be a way of going back to pre - timeline facebook ?

If not, I am afraid I might have to have regressive hypnotherapy to find the information. :(



  • LizLiz
    edited October 2012
    On the old group pages you used to be able to send a mail to all members. Not sure if you still can.

    Bit if the people who have posted things have 'liked' which they must have done, then you could in theory go through every friend of the page, go to their page and send them a personal message, whether they are your personal friend or not, asking them to send you any info they sent to a mail address. That way you should, hopefully, get all the info that has been posted in a manageable form.

    Unfortunately some people will have their settings so that you cannot personally message them - but all new posts should also go to everyone, and you could ask on the page, for people to message YOU with info again.
  • Thanks Liz. The thing is it's not a group it's a page. I wanted to keep it a page so that people had to be confirmed as friends.
    They are friends, not members like I said before.
  • If you download and install Google Chrome, there's an App within its menus whereby you can apparently revert to the old Facebook page layout for Wall and Newsfeed, etc - I haven't tried it personally, but others have told me that - although others still only see the Timeline facade - YOU can see the Page in old-style, so you should be able to retrieve all your data, then drop Google Chrome and return to whatever Browser page you normally use.

    Have a look at this weblink and read the different ways, although I would only use the Google Chrome add-on, as it's reputedly safe:

  • [quote=lexia]They are friends, not members like I said before.[/quote]

    If they are friends, then it's still the same - go to their page through their name in the friends box and do as above. Any post should aso go to their 'home' but obviously that post will drop so if they are not online at that time they won't se it, but you can post the same message every day for a while and explain why.
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    I really like the new facebook layout. The only difference is the Timeline feature. It always keeps updating with all member posts. It should be keep updating in an hour or so, if not continously. Better this tip helps you get back the old facebook profile. The Chrome extension is awesome and safe as suggested earlier. http://www.softreadwrite.com/82/old-facebook-profile.html
  • lexia it's your lucky day. I'm actually a qualified Hypnotherapist. However I'm sure you will be able to fathom out your Facebook problem without resorting to regression. I've been regressed and although it was fun it only proved that even in previous lives I was a total genius. Oops, I must dash as I'm off to pick up my Most Modest Man In Sunderland award ha ha.
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