UK magazine or journal suggestions?

Morning everyone. Is anyone from the UK stuck at home like me, unable to get to work? I'd like to pretend it's a shame, but here I am with more time to write.

I've been thinking about a short story I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while now. The only problem is, I've never found anywhere - an online or print journal/zine - that it seems to fit. I must be looking in the wrong places. It's gritty and a very British story in terms of the dialect used by the characters (bearing in mind that it's a first person narrative, too). So I'm using words like "gobshites" and "lugholes". I'm unsure whether any non-UK magazines would take it. There's a suggestion of a fantastical aspect, too, but it's actually a very down-to-earth story - with the speculative element proving to be a lie by the end of the story.

Based on that, can anyone think of any publications it might suit?


  • Difficult one TS - which brings up the old but good advice "have yout target publication in mind before you write the story - get to know the editor's requirements well before you write the story as the editor knows his/her readership"
  • Very true, Betsie.
    But we all know there are stories we just have to write, even if we don't have a ready market for them...
  • I run an online webzine at It sounds like something we would like, if it's under 2500 words, take a look at our submission guidelines and submit it if you're interested.
  • It's sound advice, Betsie, but Carol's right: I wrote this one because I had.

    Forget-me-not, I did come across your webzine (it's now on my ever-growing spreadsheet). My story is currently 3400 words. If I can cut about 900 words out (not so sure), I'll send it your way. Thank you.
  • According to a scribble in my notebook, The New Writer accepts stories up to 5000 words, TS. I'm not sure if that was for a competition or for general publication.
  • I'll check it out, Tiny. Thanks.
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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies - Spec fic may well accept what you have.

    eta: BCS is not 'uk'
  • I've noted that down for future stories, Silver. Thanks. But this one doesn't fit.
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