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What would your do?

edited January 2013 in - Writing Problems
I've had a full ms request from an agent. This is not the first so I'm not getting too excited. Still, in my haste to send by e-mail I inadvertently sent one which I later edited and corrected. The story is the same, but some small errors have been ironed out and some parts expanded to clarify and correct. Do I now send the corrected version, or wait until I hear from her, (get the rejection) on the basis that if she loves the story the errors won't go against me?
What would you do? I don't want to look unprofessional but on the other hand....


  • I would e-mail her immediately, explaining your error. Ask her to ignore your previous missive and attach the corrected version.
  • PS Good luck.
  • I agree with Anna.
  • Better to be the one to correct the error, Casey - more professional to present a (near!) perfect version than to hope she won't mind the bloopers. Plus you've altered parts of the structure in the later version, and it's this that you want her to judge.
  • Thanks all. Done it. Now keeping my fingers crossed.
  • [quote=casey]I've had a full ms request from an agent.[/quote]

    Oh! Oh! Oh!
    *Comes over all faint*
    I'm waiting for a similar request. Will I get it? Good luck casey. Fingers crossed.
  • You were absolutely right to resend your ms, casey - hope the agent likes it!
  • Good luck Casey
  • To get the request is a major accomplishment in itself. I've experienced it only once (with a publisher). Good luck!
  • Fingers crossed for you Casey.
  • I hope it's successful, Casey. We can all make mistakes, and if we didn't, when would we ever learn? Good luck.
  • Shows you are a perfectionist, which is a good thing. Very best of luck and let us know how you get on!
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