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Please needing help with 19th century missing person plot

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Ok, first of all, I urge to ask your patience with my way to write in english since this is not my original mother language :)


Im having an issue to trustworthy write a plot what passes by at the end of the second half of the 19´s in London, regarding the mysterious disappearance of an old and respectable village reverend during his visit to the victorian city with no trace.

First he has a foster daughter on her twenties who will go after him for sure, but how long then, would you think to be convicent for the audience, she should start the task of her journey?

How she should get suspicious something wrong is going on, to decide in let her village behind and against all the stands she was raised, go for it alone?

What a kind of troubles a strict and puritan lady would endure to pursuit her mission?

Avoiding the cliche of her hiring a detective,what a kind of routine, places and people would be more plausible for her to start till the plot moves for a darker twist, since it will involve secret societies, monsters, experiences and conspirancy?

The basic idea is, reverend Timothy Clancy, suddenly after years and years of reclusion, receives a woden box which contains a mysterious notebook inside from an old fellow of the Crimean war, he after quickly read it, burns its content on a fireplace and promising to return within days, vanquishs on a storm to never come back...

So from where her to start?How long waiting?

Also Im in doubt if its nice her having a fiancee or not, since she will get romantically involved with someone else...

Cheers and crossing fingers for the help...

PS:If it will give more of a glimpse, im hoping to write a tale in gothic style as the classical old ones.


  • Are you writing this in your own language?
  • Do you have a good library? Also a good idea to make friends with your librarian and don't forget the Internet. Do a search of 19th century missing people. Where do you come from, i.e. which country?
  • I'm a bit confused about your time line. The end of the 1900s in London would be Twentieth century. I think you must mean 19th century, (1800-1899) If it is a Victorian novel Queen Victoria died in 1901. The Crimean War was in the 1850s. You mention a visit to the Victorian City. Did you mean the Vatican City?
    You have to remember that travelling across country in the nineteenth century, before the railways, could take many days. The addition of a fiancee would be an added complication to the romantic element of the plot but would only work if it was a marriage of convenience, not a love match.
    I like the sound of secret societies, monsters and conspiracy as these would abound in the days when Society closed its doors to all but a few select people.
    Good luck with this. All the best,
  • You say in her 20's, do you mean early twenties- 21 or 22, or mid to late 20's?

    So much would depend on when you are setting the story as Casey mentions above.

    The latter years of the 19th century there are more railway lines around, and that might make her journey quicker than going by road or boat. Earlier in the century it would depend on where and when again.

    If she doesn't have any extended family to go to when she arrives, and she is a religious person she might seek out a Christian organisation to give her shelter.

    You need to do some research first, to help you.

    Good luck.
  • [quote=Liz]Are you writing this in your own language? [/quote]
    I think Liz's question is vitally important here. If you are intending to write your story in English, you will need a lot of help with grammar before you worry about plot. I don't mean to sound harsh, but the English you are using in your question has a lot of faults. Sorry! If it's to be in your own language, then good luck. It sounds like it could be an intriguing story. I will leave it to others to help with the 19th century details.
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