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Which blog site?

So now I've succeeded at getting a short story published at Running Out of Ink, I'm thinking of trying a blog again (and joining Twitter). I already have a dormant Blogger account, but I know there's also Wordpress. Maybe others. I haven't really looked further, as Blogger and Wordpress seem to be the most popular.

But which would you recommend?

I have a website domain, too. When I tried self-publishing a novel, I had a separate website with a link through to my Blogger blog. But I'm thinking of using my domain to link directly to a blog - so the blog is my website. Is this easier to do with one blog site than the other? Will it cost me anything to link the two together as I already pay for my domain name?


  • Neither Blogger or Wordpress charge. I don't think there would be a charge to link the website to a blog, but it's not something I've ever tried.

    I use Blogger. When I first considered having my own blog most of the blogs I followed used it, so it seemed the obvious place to start. It works fine for everything I want to do.

    I know there are TBers who use wordpress and will tell you they're happy with that too. Perhaps your best bet is to take a look at different blogs and see which you like best.
  • Here's my blogger one. http://patsy-collins.blogspot.co.uk/

    As you can see I can make posts including pictures, people can comment, I can have different pages, put up links to other sites ... all things you can do in Wordpress too.

    One thing that I don't think you can do in Wordpress is to show how many people 'follow' the blog.
  • I'm currently doing a blog on Weebly.com - haven't actually given anyone it's URL yet as I'm in the middle of things. I did make a website for our writers' group with Weebly which you can look at. http://www.codsallwriters.weebly.com (if you use the freebie version you have to have weebly in the URL
  • [quote=Phots Moll]One thing that I don't think you can do in Wordpress is to show how many people 'follow' the blog. [/quote]

    You can do it as a Widget - see second box on the right on mine at https://loutreleaven.wordpress.com/

    There's not much to choose between them to be honest but you can put adverts on Blogger whereas you can't on Wordpress. On the other hand you can get a bit more technical with Wordpress if you want to. If in doubt sign up for both and see which interface you prefer, then keep the one you get on with best.
  • Wordpress has an excellent Spam filter.
  • If there's not much of an advantage with either, I could just set up a new blog on my existing Blogger account . . . But I do like the sound of a better spam filter.
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]You can do it as a Widget[/quote] Ah! It's a widget on Blogger too.
  • These widgets do everything but make the tea!
  • I have several blogs with Blogger and spam's never been a problem. There's no charge to direct from a domain name to a blog.
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    I used to used blogger - technically still do I suppose: http://christiansf.blogspot.co.uk

    and recently changed to Wordpress - http://www.stevetrower.com - mainly so I could use wordpress.org to build a full website to handle other stuff like selling ebooks in due course.

    Although I haven't got my new blog started yet, there's nothing to choose between Wordpress and Blogger as far as I can see.
  • But give it a few years, Lou . . . Although decaf coffee's more my drink (I'm a recovering caffeine addict).

    Is there a widget to show Twitter posts in the sidebar on Blogger? I noticed this feature on some of the Wordpress blogs I looked at. Thought it would be handy if I set up a Twitter account, too.
  • [quote=Lou Treleaven]These widgets do everything but make the tea![/quote]

    *slurps tea out of saucer*

    Me thinks you're employing the wrong widget.
  • [quote=Tristram_Shandy]Is there a widget to show Twitter posts in the sidebar on Blogger?[/quote] Yep.
  • Thanks. I'm just going to stick with Blogger then, seeing as I already have an account there. Now I just need a new blog!
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