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Uni results: Year three Semester One.

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Hello all,

I received my final result for my first semester module yesterday. They are as follows:

Major Project Part One: 2:1. This is our dissertation. You can choose to write the first 20k of your novel, a ninety page film script, the first episode of a TV series, a collection of short stories or poems and other options I can't remember. I choose to write the opening of a novel. For this first part you only needed six thousand words (I'm doing the other fourteen thousand now)

Adaptation and Dramatization: 2:1. This module covered adapting one medium into another. We had a choice of four texts to turn into a screenplay. I picked A Land Without Jasmine, anyone heard of it?

Media Law and Ethics: 2:2 This was exam based and briefly touched upon copyright which is why we studied it. It was basically a filler module.

Overall I've got a 2:1. I'm in my final semester now which seems to be going quite well. I've just reached the 10K mark in novel for Major Project Part Two. My second module (only two this semester) is literacy magazine. Our works is published in the University Newspaper (That isn't as glamorous as it seems, the only people who read it are the class that put it up and then next year's class who replaces it.)

All in all, everything is going quite well.


  • It certainly is!
    Well done StF!
  • Year Three! Where did that go?

    Well done, St. Force. You've got results to be proud of. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the degree subject title? It sounds an interesting course.
  • Well done, Jack, you are so very talented and dedicated!
  • That's a good set of results - well done!
  • Good for you, Jack! You're doing really well. Where has the time gone? You'll be graduating this summer!
  • Well done, me laddo :)
  • Well done StF! Was wondering how you were getting on. :)

  • Well done, StF.
  • It's lovely to hear about your progress. Congratulations!
  • Great results! Many congratulations!
  • Wow, well done!
  • St has done in three years, full time, what I chose to do in six, part time.
    Not to mention approx 200 miles between the Universities we're studying at.

    Really well done ST, its a rewarding process isn't it? ;)

    10,000 words to do for my final module - good luck with yours.
    Stress? none... ¬.¬ nuh-huh.
  • Well done SF. Congratulations on your results.
  • Well done, SF. It's lovely to hear your news.
  • Well done St F I can't believe you are in your third year. All the best.
  • Splendid results, St Force - well done!
  • Year Three! Where did that go?
    Well done St F I can't believe you are in your third year. All the best.
    My thoughts precisely! Could it be that I'm getting...er...old? Only yesterday you were in high school and the day before that you were a fresh faced 15 year old joining Talkback. Great heavens! Well done, StF. It's fabulous to hear your updates.

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