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What's the weather like there?



  • dora said:
    Yes.  One of the positives of lockdown.
    I handed in my notice due to store manager change and issues. So I work for myself now.
  • Good for you. :)
  • We had half a dozen snow flakes yesterday but they turned to rain.
  • Heavy frost this morning. 
  • Cold, but lovely. Bright clear sky, and the snow is lovely.
  • Cold with a mixture of sun and cloud. Most of yesterday's snow has cleared.
  • Sun shining on the remaining snow but underneath that it is deadly as a heavy frost so not venturing out today despite the sunshine.
  • The edges of the snow are melting, but the bigger areas of thick snow are icy. The sunshine has melted the thinner areas on the ground, but it's expected to be icy again tonight.
  • Cold with a mixture of sun and cloud. 
  • The trees have lost the snow that was there first thing this morning. 

    High white clouds moving swiftly to the south-east. But big expanses of deep blue sky around.
  • Sunny.Very little cloud. Still cold.
  • Sunny and cold here in Warrenpoint. Still lots of snow on the Mournes on both side of the lough.
  • Cold and freezing up.
  • We have rain, but it's so light it's hard to see. I only know it's raining because I can see the raindrops in the slowly de-icing patch on the trailer cover.
  • Raining.  :(
  • Wet, wet and wetter.

  • Likewise
  • Some snow has survived the rain so far, but I doubt much will be left by tomorrow.
  • Sunny today. Blue sky and some thin white clouds. Looks like a good day ahead.
  • Bright and breezy. Rain earlier. 
  • sleet  thank goodness  not snow
  • Dull, with complete cloud cover. 
  • Lots of rain in the night. Cloudy earlier. Patches of blue at the moment. 
  • bucketed it darn just nay
  • Fog is building, but at least the rain has stopped.
  • Raining. I have to buy food, so it's a brolly day.
  • No rain at the moment, but yucky clouds are lurking. It's also cool.
  • Dull but dry and mildish.
  • Cold, dry and bright. Cloud cover is building too.
  • Frosty but not cold. Didn't need a jacket on earlier. Very calm.
  • Not as cold as it was.
  • Pouring with rain again.

  • Yep  Arriving in buckets.
  • The rain has stopped, and looking out my window I can see pale blue sky on the edge of the dark clouds.
  • Anyone had snow?

    It's windy and bright. The clouds are moving at speed.
  • We were due to have sleet in the night. Just very grey this morning.
  • Very fine snow this morning but not settling. Extremely cold.
  • Ditto Lizy
  • Dry. Very cold.
  • Cold, windier than this morning and complete murky cloud cover.
  • Started snowing early hours of this morning. We haven't lost the windy weather so the snow it blowing in all directions. 
  • Cold and bright – bitter wind. Had to break the ice for the birds this morning.
  • The sun is trying to shine through the clouds, but the clouds are still resisting, and we're getting intermittent snowfall.

  • Had a dusting of icing sugar first thing but in the last half hour sleet and now snow have started to fall. Very cold, too.
  • Intermittent snow showers. I'm off to the opticians, glad it's walking distance

  • It's perishing out. 
  • If I'd tried to break the ice for the birds I'd have cracked the birdbath. It is solid, with snow on top of the ice, and pigeon prints in that! So I've put a dish on the lawn which I can top up more easily with warm water.
  • Main job of the day was done earlier, feeding the birds.  Could hear a very happy blackbird more or less as soon as I had chucked it out for them.
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