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What's the weather like there?



  • Fab washing drying day today. Got loads done cos it were dead windy it were. 

    *phuts and exits*
  • Wet and gloomy. 
  • Peeing down.
  • Been very cool and heavy rain all day. Seems to have stopped now but still windy.
  • Fantastico!

    Aujord'hui est chaude. 

  • Glorious sunshine.
  • Muy caliente!
  • What a scorcher! 31 degrees again.
  • It rained overnight in Sussex. Lovely for the gàrden.
  • Was quite bright a couple of hours ago, but now dark clouds. Have had to put the lights on in my office.

    Expect rain any time.
  • Thank chuff it's cooled off a bit
  • Indeed, Dora!
  • Lovely morning - clouding over now.
  • Torrential rain in Sherborne. Two minutes after leaving a cafe with my lunch, I scrambled for cover near the abbey.
  • My parents lived in Sherborne when they first married until my father was called up to the RAF. He worked in Yeovil then but they did not return to the area after the War so I was brought up elsewhere and never tried to find where they once lived. I know it was opposite the grounds of Sherborne School, though.
  • Left home at 5.45 to meet dtr àt gàtwick. Two minutes later it pissed down. M23 in driving rain isn't fun. The shout of 'Nanny!' and several hugs made it worth while 😍
  • Windy Miller would have been in his element today
  • cor!  the sun has got his hat on

    *struts around garden in nowt but balaclava*
  • dora!

    Forecast for tomorrow is sunny and warm. It had better get a move on - today is cold and breezy with showers.
  • It's got cold so I turned the temperature up on the thermostat so the heating would come on and warm everything up. 
  • local weather news has just said “staying dry and sunny”. It is pouring with rain.
  • Sunny morning, hope it stays for our tea party!
  • Chilly. Had to put a fan heater on for a blast. 
  • I have had the heat on and off today. And I have extra clothes on. Son tells me that we are forecast freezing blasts from the East this winter and the met office have issued advice about insulation etc. All the nature signs are similarly forecasting cold. But I'm sure they said the last autumn...
  • Dry today and quite bright.
  • Much better today. I'm walking to the pub across the fields later, but we've booked a table inside. Usually we still eat in the garden to celebrate this friend's birthday. 
  • The weather on Saturday was kind for our tea party. Sunday it tipped down, so the gods were on our side.
    Today we had a misty, moisty morning which has now burned off enough to dry my washing.
  • Tipped it down here yesterday. Lots of long sunny intervals so far today.
  • Fab sunset earlier this evening. Pink, cotton wool-like clouds in a baby blue sky, bless
  • Lovely morning, hope it lasts for our village Festival.
  • It was SO hot outside yesterday and looks to be the same today. 
  • Cooler today after yesterday being quite warm. Now raining.
  • The ducks will be proper pleased.
  • No rain. But much cooler.  Washing on line... at the minute!
  • Sunny and warm.

  • Cooler but not cold.
  • Son yelled through vacuum noise about it beginning to rain but I didn't hear him, he went and got it in anyway, but it was just little spots. 
  • Presume you mean the washing?
  • Clear blue sky and sunshine. Warmer than yesterday.
  • It's looking gooooooooood today, yaaaay
  • Another warm day but much cooler now, with rain expected overnight.
  • Gorgeous day. But tomorrow apparently there will be rain... very sad about this. 
  • Lovely day, planted a jasmine.
  • Wet and miserable so far. Glad I made the most of yesterday.
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