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What's the weather like there?



  • Bouncing hail!
  • and now thunder and lightning!
  • Bright sunshine after pouring rain yesterday, just what we needed.
  • I turned the thermostat up last night and the heating was on early this morning. It was raining when I got up but has stopped for now, but the mucky white sky suggests more to come.
  • Raining earlier. Dull now but looks to be getting a bit brighter.
  • Sunshine here. Haven't ventured out yet. 
  • Raining again.
  • A but miserable, which means I can't visit Mum because we're only allowed to sit outside.
  • Overcast but it's dry. 
  • Dull and overcast.
  • Dull but got a load of washing nearly dry.
  • Dull but dry.
  • Bright and sunny. Very pleasant. 
  • My sister in Berkshire says it is warm enough for shorts. 

    Still in my Pjs in East Midlands so will venture out later. 
  • Warmed up and although it's cloudy, they're not the murky sort.
  • Today is yucky, it's raining.
  • Rained earlier. Dry but cloudy now. Not cold. Quite pleasant. 
  • Rained in the night. Dull now.
  • Raining again...
  • Peeing down most of the day - lovely for the garden.
  • Peed a lot today. 

    And it rained outside at sametime. 
  • It was fine all day but it is raining now. 
  • Nice day for the ducks. 
  • Dull again. No rain as yet.
  • As Dora says, ducks will be happy.
  • They will be happy here now. It is raining.
  • It's stopped and the sun is trying to break through. But it's still windy.
  • Wet and windy earlier. The sun's out now but more bad weather is due this afternoon. 
  • i hate wind! 
  • Back to the overcast sky, spots of rain and windy.
  • Dull.
  • Fabulous day for staying in and getting all my paperwork done and out the way in readiness for going outside Sunday and Monday when the weather will be bwillllll.
  • Dull again today and getting windier.
  • Meh. It's quite windy. Hope the greenhouse stays put! 
  • Wet and windy. Rain started 10 minutes ago. 
  • Miserable but it's dry- for how long is another question completely.
  • Drizzly
  • Very, very rainy. Have looked at lightning map...
  • We've had a little more rain this evening but lighter than yesterday's.
  • Sunshine, the sky is returning to a shade of blue and there's non rain type clouds.
  • Sunny.  B)
  • Warm, brighter now than first thing. Rain due in a couple of hours. 
  • Getting warmer.
  • Washings been out.  Dried and aired and is back in now.  Yaay  Lovely day.
  • Terrific thunderstorm last night. All calm this morning. A bit dull so far.
  • Sunny morning. Would be ideal if it lasted till around 5pm then poured with rain!
  • Wet here. :(
  • Dry but complete cloud cover again. 
  • Just had a brief rain shower but dark clouds are working this way.

  • Rain again with thunder and lightning joining in.
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