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What's the weather like there?



  • No rain unfortunately.
  • Rain has stopped now and hopefully the thunder and lightning have moved on.
  • Looking brighter today. Warm.
  • Brighter and warming up.
  • Peaceful weather today ie nowt happening at all.
  • Dry, been overcast but not warming up up.
  • Been dry and overcast today and warm (sorry Carol).
  • Here, too, Carol. Am on laptop, the computers are turned off. 
  • Warmed up quite a lot this afternoon, but then we had dark clouds and I thought we might get another thunderstorm, but it passed us without a drop.
  • Stormy rain didn't arrive and it's now bright and warm. 
  • Had a sudden spell of rain, not heavy, but the local weather forecast predicts thunderstorms tomorrow.
  • We might the same tomorrow. 
  • Started raining again. :(
  • Hot. Had to shower before bed.
  • Another terrific thunderstorm last night. Calm this morning. Mix of cloud and sun. Very warm.
  • Still no rain!
  • Bright, but major cloud cover.
  • Thunder! Lightning! Rain!
  • What, no hail? Hail landing in some of the foil trays my plants were standing in sounded as if I were under attack. That was followed by a thunderstorm which suggested machine guns had been replaced by cannon so now awaiting a cease-fire so I can assess the damage to plants airing outside the greenhouse!
  • We've had a short fall of rain, but the clouds I can see from my office window suggests more may be on the way.

    Hope the plants are okay Wordy.
  • Thank you. Just been out to check, Carol, and they all seem to have survived. I think we sometimes forget they do it naturally and mostly recover. I collected up all the water from various tubs and so on and was surprised to find I filled a gallon bucket from them. Now all decanted into a watering can and containers redistributed. There may be a repeat!
  • The thunder has started, raining and getting dark. My OH is out shopping at Sainsburys so hopefully he'll be undercover in the store or in the car.

  • Wow that was some thunderstorm. The glass in the upper section of my back door was completely obscured by the rain overflowing the guttering.
  • We have a damp garden so obviously rain last night but nothing loud enough to wake me.
  • More thunder last night. Dull again this morning.
  • No thunder during the night. It's steady rain and has been this way for hours.
  • Just started raining. Still very warm.
  • Almost got caught in flooding in Toton yesterday because was out driving when thunderstorm broke. 

    No flooding near me, thank goodness, but flooding problems in Tesco Beeston and surrounding roads and and main road inWollaton. 

    So glad I've not a need to travel anywhere atm. 
  • Still raining. Heavier now.
  • Wet, wet, wet. :D
  • Ditto.  :(
  • It's eased up a little, now a fine drizzle.
  • Pouring! Supposed to be meeting friends on the recreation ground tomorrow morning for a coffee. I don't think it's due to stop until tomorrow afternoon. :(
  • Remember the days of 'If Wet, In The Village Hall' ? Can't even do that now.
  • Having looked at the weather map I'm currently in a clear patch, but continued cloud cover and the ongoing risk of thunderstorms hasn't stopped yet.
  • I can see blue sky and white clouds from my office window. 
  • Just been outside for 10minutes.  At least it has stopped raining and the sun is trying but not warm enough to stay out for too long.
  • Torrential rain earlier – got a good soaking. Meeting has been postponed. I think it will be dry by mid-morning but not exactly pleasant. 
  • Dark clouds are lurking, it's breezy and there's been light drizzle.
  • Rained in the night and morning but dried up later
  • Lovely morning so far.
  • Bit cloudy. 
  • Been lovely here since half six. Washing out and winders open innit. 
  • Was lovely, but we've got dark clouds looming so we may be about to get one of the expected showers.
  • edited June 2020
    Light rain now.

    Now two hours later it's sunshine, blue skies and high clouds.
  • Lovely sunny afternoon.
  • Warmed up a lot.
  • It became lovely and warm y'day. I managed to get in the garden for an hour, tidying up and weeding a bit. Then a grey sky late afternoon brought rain. 

    It can't make a decision today. One minute blye skies and sun, next min clouding over. 
  • Dull and breezy with rain threatening.
  • Bright but windy.
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