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What's the weather like there?



  • Raining.
  • Cloudy, breezy and very warm.
  • Dark clouds passing over.
  • Weather forecast says sun and cloud. In the real world, peeing it down. 
  • We had a sudden downpour five minutes ago, but it only lasted a minute or two.
  • Sunny day, warm despite the breeze.
  • I'm wanting to be outside all the time now.  It's sunny, warm and a fab breeze.
  • Sunshine. Weather forecast for heatwave,, which I'm not looking forward to.
  • Sunshine.
  • Yaaay.  Lovely breezy sunny day ahead. 

    Life's cooooool atm. Way hay. 
  • Sunshine, and the perfect temperature at the moment.

  • Same here.
  • Too darn hot! We left Tenerife to get away from heat like this, but at least there we had a swimming pool on our doorstep.
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    Didn't it get in t'way when putting the milk bottles out on an eve, Lizy?

     Is hot, duuuuude. 
  • Been too hot.
  • Yes, too hot for me outside. House is okay. 
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    Cooler than it was, but I'm not looking forward to trying to sleep in tonight's temperatures.
  • Goes down to 17 degrees during the night and then at 5am it starts going up again. :(
  • Make the most of it. Thunderstorms and rain tomorrow. 
  • Scorching already. Rain's forecast for very early on Friday and it should be over by the time I need to get up. Saturday? Rain and cooler. :)
  • Another scorcher today. Hot here already. A lazy day I think.
  • Sunny and warming up.
  • Oh joy! After another 30 degree day it is now raining :)
  • Waiting for the rain to reach us, rather than the odd drop that we've had today.
  • Same here, Heather!
  • Rained during the night. Dull and overcast this morning.
  • Same here. Quite a strong breeze.
  • Ditto. My lawn is showing signs of green again!
  • Torrential rain! Just got soaked in a refreshing kinda way.
  • Started raining in the night, and the temperature has dropped to a comfortable level with a breeze.

    A between rainfall spell at the moment.
  • Going to be a mix of sunshine and showers today I think. Had both so far.
  • Expecting another downpour in about five minutes looking at the dark clouds I can see from my office window.
  • Unbelievable, blue sky with white thin cloud layers speeding across my window view.
  • Bit of rain, very blowy, which means the windows are open and a lovely fresh breeze is flying through the house :)
  • We get grey clouds come over but they're blowing away from us so it's dried up since this morning's showers.
  • Windy now after building up all afternoon,
  • Dull, breezy and much cooler this morning.
  • Wet and windy. Just stuck my head out the door and it was as if someone had tipped a bucket of water over me. :)
  • Windy and we keep getting brief showers.
  • Very windy, reports of trees down in village.
  • Gusting winds and overcast sky.
  • Wet and windy.
  • I'm on the sun lounger, in shorts and not much else slurping on the biggest 99 you have EVER seen.

    ... and I'm also away with the fairies haha heehee haha they're coming to take me away haha hee haha
  • As horrible and cold as it was this morning. :(
  • Not very nice but we got a load of washing three quarters dry.
  • Slight breeze, dull clouds but the sun is breaking through.
  • Dull and drizzly earlier. Sun is now trying to break through.
  • Warmed up now, brighter.
  • Managed to get a good quality halfhour of sunning meself in today
  • Woken at six am by the sun through my curtains like a spotlight!
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