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What's the weather like there?



  • Raining. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  • Breezy and the sun is hiding behind dark clouds.
  • And we've had rain.
  • Getting brighter now. No sun as yet.
  • Ooer.  Maybe it was the police helicopter, Lizy, and in your drowsiness, you thought it were t'sun.

    Lovely dreary grey day out there.

    Woo hoo

    *finds another pair of knickers to throw up in air*

  • Sunny here now. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • Stopped raining for now, but I can see plenty of dark clouds when I look out my window.
  • It's raining. Can't cut the lawn now. Decision made for me.

  • We were out this morning and there was a drop or two of rain. Ten minutes after we got home the heavens opened.
  • Very windy. Rain threatening.
  • Rained late yesterday evening.

    Today it's windy and cloud cover, though the sun is there- a bright patch of sky.
  • Windy and wet here. 

    Weather's not looking too good either. 
  • We keep getting spells of rain, then it dries up for a while until the next shower.
  • Wet and very windy.
  • Drizzle with a slight breeze, and generally overcast.
  • Mix of cloud and sun, very windy.
  • Windy but blue skies, some white clouds and best of all, sunshine.
  • I'm off out to enjoy my garden for a while.

    Windy but forecast sun and some cloud all day.  

    Yaaaay.  Long awaited blue skies.
  • Got gusty while we were out cutting up the ivy branches, but it was still warm. The clouds are building up in the distance and one of them is grey.
  • Started to rain. 
  • Dull and very windy.
  • Slight breeze and overcast but better than yesterday.
  • Warmed up this afternoon, and we're back to blue sky and fluffy clouds.
  • Sunshine!!
  • Lucky you Lizy. Raining here. โ˜น๏ธ
  • Dry but substantial cloud cover, and last night's local weather mentioned showers today.
  • Rain, not heavy but it's that slow persistent rain.
  • splishy splashy wishy washy stampy dampy boots in puddles weather


    glad I'm staying in today
  • Heavy rain for most of the day. Glad I cut the grass yesterday. 
  • Wish we'd done ours, Wilts.  

    Boo hoo.
  • Wet.
     Cut my grass on Saturday.
    Smug smile.
  • Damp and dull.
  • Damp and overcast, bit breezy.
  • Raining again. Looking forward to a drier weekend.

  • Tomorrow's forecast is good. To start off with 
  • Been drizzly all day.
  • Blue sky, high clouds and sunshine. There's a slight breeze.
  • The sun has come out. Pete has picked half the blackcurrants. He says. It's probably an eighth but better than nothing! I can freeze some this year as we actually have a freezer...
  • Rescued the washing from the rain that has now stopped. But there are more rain-bearers in the sky.
  • Er, yeah bur no but yeah but no but ...

    Oh I dunno. 

    That's the weather atm
  • Mix of cloud and sun. Breezy.
  • Think the rain has definitely gone, but lots of the big high clouds.

  • Sunny.
  • Dark clouds, started raining.
  • Mostly sunny.
  • Sunshine!
  • Clouded over now. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  • Took to lunchtime before it warmed up properly and the clouds moved away.

    Cooled down again now...
  • It is dark weather out there at present
  • Sunny. Hope it stays all day. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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