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What's the weather like there?



  • Same here, Wilts, woke me up at 6.30!
  • According to the forecast, there's no rain for the next 10 days.  
  • Sunny.
  • We had a brief rain shower this morning, though the sun is lurking behind the clouds.
  • It's changeable. Drizzle then sun ... 
  • Mainly dull and damp today.
  • Miserable. No rain but windy and dark.
  • Looks like we're going to get a downpour within the hour.
  • Rained overnight.
  • Overcast and not looking good for sunshine today.
  • Yaaaay

    It ain't going to rain tomorras, yaaaay!
  • Drizzle earlier. Brightening up now.
  • Dull with patches of dark lurking clouds.
  • Brightening up didn't last long. Dull again.
  • Suspect a rain shower is on the way looking at the dark clouds I can see from my window.
  • It's dull. I long for sun.
  • It turned sunny in the afternoon and better than it's been for days.
  • Sunny morning.
  • Same here. Warmer too.
  • Sunshine and very warm.
  • Fabulous

    This is what summer lazing around is all about.  Lovely warm breeze and splendiferous sunshine woo hoo
  • Dull.
  • Dull and wet.
  • A beautiful silver grey day

    Very warm

  • We've had a light shower but more dark clouds.
  • I've checked the weather for rest of t'week and it's loooooking goooooood yaaaaay  sunshine and dry woo hoo

    Gone a bit chilly here, brrrrrr
  • Fine drizzle has started.
  • Brill day ahead by looks of it

    Wall to wall sunshine

    Yaaaaaaaaay. Wooi hoo
  • Sunshine and a slight breeze.
  • Same here Carol. Much better than yesterday.
  • Drizzle all day. Garden is loving it.
  • Sunshine.

  • Mix of sunshine and clouds.
  • We've had a handful of dark clouds pass over and there's more cloud cover than earlier limiting the sunshine.
  • Lovely and mild here, albeit full o'that cloudy stuff
  • Mild, slight breeze but general cloud cover.
  • Just started to rain.
  • Bit cool, but the sun is trying to peep through the cloud cover.
  • We've had rain this evening.
  • Raining. 
  • Hissing down!
  • It is napping on sofa type weather zzzzz
  • edited July 25
    It hasn't been too bad this afternoon, but it's gloomy now. 

    Been raining heavily for the past 40 minutes and no sign of it stopping.
  • Loud rumble of thunder and started raining again. :(
  • Bright sunshine at eight am. Hope it lasts but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Blue sky and high clouds are working their way toward us and pushing the dark clouds away. But it is windy.
  • Supposed to rain approx 2pm.  Washing out in blustery wind till then 
  • Yes Dora, the dark clouds are overhead now.
  • I brought it all in, just in time. Yaay. 
  • Been dry for some hours but dark clouds are moving this way again.
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