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How to engage followers on my social media sites?

Having decided to write posts on my tumblr site, to link to my Facebook page, and other social media, i am going to write short posts about writing techniques relating them to my tale/s by illustrating some character trait or plot theme moment. This would provide not only some insight into the skills involved in writing stories, but also reveal some vital glimpses as to what my book's characters will be getting up to, drama wise.

Does this seem like a good way, to try and engage those who visit my page? And should I try to illustrate my tale by images, photos and text, off the net, that expresses similar scenes as I am writing about in this tale. Would that be alluring and should I just keep to these themes and not stray from them by placing posts and images etc other than those related to my theme, no matter how interesting or humorous they may be?


  • Direct excerpts from the text would, I believe, be the most credible, AND give the reader a positive, rather than distorted, view of the material.
    As an afterthought, I wonder if this is something your fiverr social media expert might be equipped to handle?
  • That's a very good idea. To quote some lines from my story. Hadn't given that a possibility. It'd have to be from the beginning or middle as I am still working on the end part and wouldn't want to give out hints that might give away the ending. So, yes, great suggestion. Thanks for that one...
  • Images are always a good idea for making blog posts more appealing, but make sure you have the right to use them. Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because something turns up in a Google image search it can be freely posted on your own site. The last thing you want is to end up in hot water due to breach of copyright!

    If you want to use images you haven't created yourself, somewhere like http://www.freeforcommercialuse.net is a good place to start looking. Always credit the photographer / designer if they've asked you to.
  • Yes, pictures do seem to help a lot.

    I take my own – it's often quicker than searching for a suitable one and I don't have any copyright problems to worry about.
  • Using your own images empowers the message - it demonstrates that you're making the effort to engage.
  • Ah .. yes ... er yes, that's why I do it. By 'it's quicker' I meant I like to make that extra effort for my blog followers. Obviously.
  • Thanks for that link, danfango. That will come in good usage, no doubt. I'd love to take my own photos, but being disabled and unable to travel, that is not possible, and not sure I'd have the necessary skill. Just as well there are free images to choose from...
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