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Do you remember perfumes of the 80s?

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I'm trying to remember the name of the perfume my sister used to wear in the 80s. I think it's discontinued but I want to see if I can track some down for her 60th. I know it will take her right back to the dance floor under the mirror balls. I seem to remember pale purple packaging. I think it was mid range pricewise. Any ideas?


  • Elizabeth Taylor's Passion?
  • There was Charlie, but that might have been the 70's.
  • Anais Anais had lilac flowers on the box.
  • Thanks all, for the suggestions. That's a great list b-r. Aqua Manda would definitely take me back. I will just have to relax my brain and hope it floats up from somewhere.

    Personally I like Rive Gauche. Hope they never stop making it.
  • i hate all perfume, people with it on make me feel nauseous... plus it's just chemicals in water with NO guidelines as to whether it's safe or not. In some cases it definitely isn't.
  • I use Liz Earle's Botanics no.100. Lots of natural stuff in it.
  • I love perfume. It reminds me of certain occasions. I often just spray a mist on what I'm wearing rather than on my skin.
  • Liz would say so :)
  • Aqua Manda was my first 'perfume' as a teenager. I progressed to Charlie and had a short fling with Rive Gauche. I discovered Coco by Chanel in the 80's and although I had another fling - with Obsession in the 90's - I returned to Coco and wear it on special occasions.
  • Info I pasted into my health file: Laboratory tests found a total of 38 chemicals not listed on the labels in 17 name-brand fragrances such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Bath & Body Works, Old Spice, Calvin Klein, and more. They commonly contain parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks that may cause hormone disruption, reproductive problems, or possibly cancer.

    So I only wear my Chanel when I feel lonely for the person who gave it to me in 1984 and that's only very occasionally. Haven't bought any since.
  • Claudia, I'll swap you my unused Coco for your unused Rive Gauche.

  • Body Shop White Musk.
  • I remember guys 'overdosing' on Brut 33 and Californian Poppy. No need to add that I was well worth the trouble. X(
  • If I smell Brut it takes me right back to my first proper kiss (Colin Green, where are you?) :)
  • No memories of any perfume, or any smell at all, being anosmic.
  • Old Spice takes me back far further than I will admit.
  • My Dad used Old Spice, my Mum wore Tweed.
  • My first boyfriend bought me 'It'.
    I wore White Linen on my wedding day.
    My favourite perfume now is 'Beach' by Bobbi Brown.
  • So you can't taste food properly, either, Mrs B?
  • I've no way of knowing, Liz; I don't know what it tastes like to anyone else. I'm no good at blind tastings, though, and I couldn't tell you if there was garlic in something except that if I've put it there it must be there. I am quite good at describing wines, though, according to my BIL (a wine buff), which he says I'm not supposed to be able to do as the nose is so important in the process.
  • Interesting. Nose is practically all of smell... my aunt's nose was damaged and can't taste much at all, puts salt and pepper on everything. loads of it.
  • I am umbled and amazed by the powers of the mind. Completely relaxed in the bath and up it floated: Cachet by Prince Matchabelli. It was discontinued in 1990 then reformulated. I managed to get a miniature of the original on ebay. Hope the scent hasn't deteriorated.
  • Well done. If you don't actively think about something, your brain just gets on with the research. All praise to bubbles in the bath!
  • I remember Aqua Manda, L'aimant , a lovely turquoise bottle with perfume I think called Seaspray Jade?, my sister's favourite Youth Dew, Tweed, Charlie, Blue Grass, various Avon perfumes. A lot of perfumes give me a headache, the one I wear now which I find quite light is Eternity. It seems to last forever. :)
  • L'Aimant - thst was what I was trying to remember. Dusky pink bottlè that seemed very elegant 50 odd yesrs ago!
    And Rive Gauche, blue and silver?
  • Old perfume bottles are collectable if they are unused and still in boxes. Sold an old Tweed one on ebay for about £60.
    I think you can still buy L'aimant? I went to Fragonard perfume factory in Paris once and bought some lovely perfume , wish I could remember the name of it, was lovely.
  • I bought my mum some L'Aimant a couple of weeks ago in Boots. Not expensive and such a lovely old-fashioned scent.
  • I'm probably old enough to get away with wearing it second time around.
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    i recall Revlon's Charlie. It was a sort of sharp, flowery fragrance. I used to wear it often. Guess the majority of these perfumes you can still buy in shops or online....
  • I hated Charlie, it smelled horrible, very harsh. My boyfriend gave me some. He didn't last. Still friends, though...
  • Perfumes smell different on different people.
    I have worn White Musk for years, and it's the only perfume on which I have frequently been complimented. The Body Shop oil perfumes last and last on my skin.
  • Thanks Mrs Bear, no couldn't see it there. Think I will have to go there again!
  • I like White Musk. From the Body Shop. See that L'Oreal are trying to sell this to a Brazilian make-up company. For possibly 1 billion euros?? With such astronomical numbers it is difficult to conceive of the amounts of money awash in the world...
  • Perfumes smell different on different people.
    This is in the bottle - it smells of chemicals.
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    Forget old times. I'm going to hedge my bets on investment opportunities:

    Kim Kardashian!!
    "Kim Kardashian Signature is a sumptuous, floral fragrance that evokes Kim's sultry style with crisp top notes, floral mid notes and a rich dry down."

    That's what I'm talkin' about!! :)) :)) :))
  • C2C2
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    Umm, wine, Pet?

    I used to use a scent, Cachet, can't remember if it had a 't' or not, pronounced cash-ey.

  • Kim Kardashian hasn't got enough brain cells to invent a perfume.
    And it's deeply worrying that heŕ name is in my spellcheck!
  • But she invented nice baby names. :)>-
  • Anais Anais, my mum wore it. Takes me right back.
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