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Mslexia Guide to Indie Presses

edited June 2017 in Writing
Would this book be helpful for a novel writer, or only short story writers?
Has anyone bought it?


  • Couldn't see any reviews on Amazon.
  • It's quite expensive. I would buy it otherwise.
  • That's why I'm asking - no reviews and the price.
    Trust TBers to put their fingers straight on the button!
  • I think it would be a good resource for a writer's group if everybody chipped in. I will seriously consider buying it when I finish my next book.
  • I did see something recently (FB?) that if you are a new subscriber you get it for a vastly reduced price - something like £3.99?

    Someone commented that that didn't seem fair to those already subscribing and they were told to ring the mslexia office and they'd get it for the cheaper price too. I didn't like to jump on the bandwagon.
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