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New Facebook writing group

edited November 2017 in - Resources
Mutley and I have set up a Facebook group for writers to ask, and answer, writing related questions. We'd be happy to welcome any TBers who'd like to join.



  • Have just asked to join.
  • Just let you in!
  • Thank you.
  • Sorry, I’ll be unable to join as I’ve just requested that my Facebook account be deleted. Good luck with it though.
  • Have requested membership!
  • Despite the relatively high number of members it's very quiet in there.
  • very quiet here on TB too.
  • I've requested to join, but have no writerly problems to offer at the moment.
    Time will come!
  • Despite the relatively high number of members it's very quiet in there.
    It's just intended as a place for people to ask writing related questions, if they wish. There are lots of other places where people can have lively general chats, put up book adverts and links if they wish. Here for example.

    We felt that somewhere without such time consuming distractions might be welcome.
  • Okay, I'll mosey on over . . . :-h
  • i'm probably on facebook more than I'm on forums
  • i'm probably on facebook more than I'm on forums
    Yep, me too. A bit more action. But some are a devoted lot on here. A select half dozen shine out!

  • I don't like the 'facelessness' of facebook and although I've friended some talkbackers on facebook, I prefer to keep my writing stuff on here and not on my facebook page because my writing is a private part of me. (If that makes any sense)
    Obviously I might change my mind when I become a bestselling author with a multi-million bank balance. ;)
  • I don't feel the same way, Claudia, but I can understand your wish to keep your writing life private.

    btw, this group is a private one – only members can see the posts made there.
  • I hope you don't mind, I've requested to join, I'm a bit of a lurker here but I might be brave enough to speak up on Facebook
  • Glad to have you with us, Kelly.
  • I have also requested to join, if that's okay?
  • It is!

    I've just approved a new person, but if that wasn't you and you're having trouble getting in, let me know and I'll try to sort it out.
  • I too have requested to join, which is good as I do have a question to ask.:)
  • I think I've just let you in. If not, please send me a PM here and let me know your FB name.
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