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Should I give the original idea up, or frame it in a different way?

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I’m currently researching the magazine I want to send a pitch to - Happiful. They have a Real Life section that I would like to contribute to. In the current issue it mentions a real life story that deals with newborn deaths and there’s an article about Sands as it is their awareness month next month.

I haven’t even started writing a pitch yet, but my story starts with me having a miscarriage as the backdrop to the main event that I want to focus the article on. Should I abandon the idea or pitch it in a different way?


  • Hadn't heard of this one so I looked it up.


  • I would pitch it a different way. If they are focussing on similar issue now, then I imagine they wouldn't want the same again soon. If the main event is something else, focus on that, start with that, and maybe feed in back story later.
    (Don't mean that to sound clinical for what is obviously a difficult subject for you x)
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    It is National Work Life week in October and National Stress Awareness Day in November, so I might try to pitch against those two calendar events. It’s really about Wellbeing at work. Don’t worry, heather. The subject isn’t great but I want to write about it being a positive thing in the long run.
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