Autumn Colours

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'Flora International' editor, Nina Tucknott has included in the Autumn edition my floral design featuring rhubarb leaves, Autumn fruit and gerbera.


  • Sounds pretty!
  • Sounds an unusual and striking combination, Patricia but Autumn edition already?
  • That's what I was thinking, Wordy. Are you saying the magazine is already out, Patricia?

    p.s. congrats by the way!
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    Hi All,
    There are four issues a year and the Autumn edition is on sale now.
  • I suppose that makes sense if the designs are for autumn, Thanks for clarifying, Patricia, and congratulations.
  • That's a lovely visual, Tricia, congratulations.
  • Well done Patricia - just as well the magazine comes out now, as by autumn the rhubarb leaves would have wilted!
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