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CWA Charges

Tell me, how can the CWA justify a £36 entry fee for their Debut Dagger award? where does the money go and why so much? Writing is never cheap, but this is ridiculous.


  • Good question! I'll be interested to see what others think. My own view is that it's probably down to market forces. 

    p.s. welcome to talkback - why don't you start a thread to introduce yourself, in case others miss this one? :)
  • I suspect some of it is to put off those who aren't serious so they get the best possibles.

    But admin costs and they may be paying the judge a good fee (especially if they have a substantial reading pile...
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    If each novel is read and considered, possibly by more than one person, that doesn't work out at very much per hour. I agree though that it does seem like a lot of money to enter a competition.

    Personally I mostly go in for free to enter competitions. There are so many of those, many with very good prizes, that I don't feel the need to pay.
  • Way too much!

    I've seen some great comps for children's books, but with a similarly hefty fee I have avoided them.

    If you win, it's fine, I suppose!
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