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Who's in February 08's magazines, due out 3rd Jan?

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  • Who's in February 08's magazines, due out 3rd January?

    Yes, I know I'm early, but at least I've posted this under the right category this time!
  • Is it that time already?
  • I should be if they remember to put the Space poetry winners in this time!
  • The postman's been, but no magazines.
  • My post's been but no magazine either.
  • I don't think it's out yet. The poster on the bottom of the front page with OUT NOW is still showing January's magazine.
  • The post probably hasn't got back to normal yet- I've only received two pieces yesterday and today, which usually means there will be a lot the next day.
  • well the site has been updated and the new writers mag is officially out...why do they bring it out so early?
  • It is the same with all magazines Jemma. It increases the shelf life.
  • in SA the mags for the next month come out about the 25th or there about think...
  • They haven't done that for years in the UK.
  • sounds like the january sales starting on boxing day...hee
  • Anyone had their post yet, or am I just dabbling in wishful thinking?
  • well hopefully mom will buy the mag during her lunch break today...we haven't taken out a subscription yet...do want one tho...
  • Had my post, Carol - no WN yet.
  • I haven't even finished reading the January issue yet! Been a touch busy wiv life and stuff!
  • Mutley - not sure how it increases shelf life.
  • My post arrived- a bulk delivery as expected, but no magazines.
  • Mine won't be here til next week probably but it does get to me here in SW France quite quickly not like my gardening magazine which is always about three weeks after publication date.I have e mailed three times to say its not arrived at all only to get two copies the following week!!!!
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    I sent in a piece for their 'flashes' section but they thought, because of my e-mail address, that I worked for BeWrite Books. But they did say they'd like to do an article on the publisher. I may decide to send the item again, but this time make it clear that I'm just another author.

    They've arrived!

    P.S. Don't forget the discussion/thread

    One Word Challenge January 2008

    (the word's 'time').

    Hmmm. I'll have to have a word with Jon about this. My "They've arrived" was posted about 9:20am on Saturday - a couple of minutes ago - but, because I did the previous post, it's still showing 18 hours ago and hasn't put this item at the top of the discussions list.
  • Yep, I've just recieved mine too. I'll leave them wrapped until this evening and sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle down and read.
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    Mine too :)

    I went straight to look for the short stories but got diverted by a useful article on My Weekly which I'm going to read right now.

    (Jay, I had the same problem. This morning I added a comment to my short story thread - of which I was the last poster - and it added to last night's post and also stayed at the bottom of the page)

    Read it - but it didn't tell me anything that i didn't already know :(
  • Yes mine arrived while I was out shopping; and for once it was not in WH.Smith, so they may have got the subscribers issues out first this time.
  • My magazines arrived this morning too. I'm not going to have time to read them yet though.
  • Well done, Kateyanne, your space prize-winning poem is in and very praiseworthy! I also liked the other two. I now wish I had sent in my ones on the demotion of Pluto and life in space.
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    Hey, Verica, I'm sure I mentioned Pluto's demotion from the first/premier division in a story I've written. I wonder if I can find which one.

    Found it. Unfinished/unedited.

    “D’you ever see your Dad?” [Clem] asked.
    “Not often.”
    “My Dad is boring. It’s official/Officially. If you look up ‘civil engineers’ in the Yellow Pages, it (even) says ‘see ‘boring’’ [punct]. I almost feel sorry for him.”
    “I feel sorry for Pluto. Relegated to the Second Division like that.”


    Jemma, March's magazines are due out on 31st January!
  • Dorothy, loved your contribution this month.
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    Hello Kateyanne, I loved your space poem too. Just had a look at your website and saw that there is a photo of you doing a book signing in Waterstones, Redhill. I go in there all the time as I live in Purley. I will have to look out for your next one. My daughter is 9 and loves reading - if your books are the right age group for her I will get them for her. Will make a nice change from endless Jacqueline Wilson/Daisy Meadows (with all due respect, I could build a small house with our supply!).
  • I won't see mine until I get home next week. I will just have to be patient.
  • Which one was Kateyanne's?
  • The first one - the winner.
  • I have to wait til tomorrow to gwet my copy from home...boo!!! I m not a patient man, hehe.
  • Thanks Josette.
  • I got my mags yesterday. Well done, Kateyanne. Also liked Dorothy's letter.
  • Really liked the poem, Kateyanne. A worthy winner.
  • Hey, my letter is in there! Good. I won't get my copies until tomorrow.
  • Saw your letter Dorothy - well done
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    I've just seen it, too. Good, Dorothy!

    I liked your excerpt, Jay. I was really sorry when the demotion happened, as i'm sure there was room for another planet. However, I also liked the look of the new one, too, a pleasant bluey green, according to the lady astronomer who told us all about it and showed it to us at the Planetarium near Newcastle, when they had an Open Heritage Day following NAWG Festival of Writing at Durham University about three years ago.
  • Thanks, Verica. You might like 'All About Sex', then - as long as you're broadminded!
  • hello yes I am in there! Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
    Have been ill with a very bad sore throat and cough so it has really cheered me up and come at the right time.
  • still haven't got my copies!!!!!!
  • Happy New Year everyone! I haven't visited Talkback for ages as we are moving house and I've been too, too busy with clobber and clutter.
    My poem, Watery Red Ladies, is in the Feb.Writers' News magazine. It's the first time I've been placed in a comp. and I feel delighted, shy, exposed, good - oh all kinds of emotions rolled into one.
    I wrote the poem about my uncle, whom I never met. He was only 19 when he was shot down in ww2. I wrote the lines from the point of view of an imagined girlfriend. What would she be reminiscing all these years after? the judge thought the lines were coming from a man - but I meant them to be hazy memories of her own youth.
    That brings me to a question. Does it matter if what a poet intends is interpreted differently by the reader. Is it just enough for a poem to stir the reader in any way it can?
  • Well done dreamer. Every reader gets different things from a piece of writing, the important thing is that it is read and hopefully liked. If it goes beyong that, good.
    Hope the house move goes well, and come back soon.
  • Congratulations to Kateyanne, Dreamer and Dorothy.

    Dreamer - re your question, I don't think you can avoid people interpreting poems in their own way. However if you want them to know something that might not be obvious in the poem - in this case that it was the one-time girlfriend speaking - it might help to reflect this, perhaps in the title. I'm glad you explained though - I'm going to read your poem again with the new viewpoint!

    It always surprises me how differently people - in this case you and Kateyanne - interpret the theme of competitions!
  • I wrote a piece of flash fiction, intending it as first love. Someone else thought it was like Lolita!
  • Katyanne - you're poem is a well-deserved winner - just brilliant - I love it.
  • My first comp win is in feb's Writing Magazine. It was such a thrill to find out I'd won but I can't help wonder - why that one? Does anyone else think this, that the story that won a prize was not one of your best?

    Anyway, well done to all the other Feb winners and good luck to everyone in 2008.
  • A super evocative story, Polly. The viewpoint business worked well, I thought.
  • Thanks, Neil,

    I've just looked at my emails and found out I've won the 'Bench in the Park' competition in November's Writers' News! Wow! I must be doing something right.
  • You're doing well, congratulations on both successes.
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