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I or me?

edited December 2005 in - Writing Problems


  • Could someone please tell me which of the follow is correct?
    The drunk driver was me. or
    I was the drunk driver.
    Thank you for your help.
  • They both sound OK to me, Kelly, but I'm no expert. Perhaps one will be along in a minute.
  • The problem with the two sentences, Kelly, is neither 'I' or 'me', it's with the word 'drunk'. Strictly speaking drunk is a noun 'I was the drunk who drove the car', for example. The word required in your sentences is the adjective, 'drunken'. ('The drunken driver was me', or 'I was the drunken driver'. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  • I agree with Neil. I would also say that it depends on context and whether you want to emphasise the agent "I/me" at the start or end of the sentence. However, I much prefer "I was the drunken driver."
  • Anyway, if you were that drunk, it probably doesn't matter...
  • Thank you fro the replies.
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