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  • More updates on the new ezine, a darker spirit, including much better submission details.

    (initial details written in haste, due to over excitement..have had a lie down in adarkened room since then :))

  • I hope it takes off for you Shadowpen, even if it is for girls only :P
  • Just posted a new blog entry about writing habits in winter, particularaly relevant to anyone like myself who struggles at this time of year

  • [quote=LeeH]I hope it takes off for you Shadowpen, even if it is for girls only :P[/quote]

    Just to point out I'm definitely not against boys...just trying to encourage more girls...hopefully everyone will benefit :D

    [quote=Emma B]particularaly relevant to anyone like myself who struggles at this time of year[/quote]
    sounds like it ws made for me...off their now Emma
  • Shadowpen; A Darker Spirit sounds right up my street!! Is it for previously unpublished pieces, or can I resubmit some of the shorts that have been posted on TK'n'C?
  • Updates the blogs, because it's Christmas :)


  • New post on the blog about writing as a means of venting


    So if you have been annoyed or frustrated recently use that energy to put something into words. Even if you don't do anything with it the simple exercise is fantastic at revealing how you really feel and also at getting it out of your system. My own vent was somewhat lighthearted following the christmas food shop and can be found at:

  • I updated my blog today - take a look. Not as long as normal but enjoy it and see what you think. Not everyone will agree with me of course but that is democracy, I dare say. It is weeks since I posted something.
  • I've just got myself a blog. As most seem to be on blogspot, I went with that one. It was surprisingly easy to set up, even for a computer softie like me.

    I'm at- http://whitefireandsapphireeyes.blogspot.com/

    I'm going to follow those on here, if you don't mind, so I can get into the blogging swing of things.

  • Yes, SA it is one of the best I believe, I hokpe you are enjoying it.
  • [quote=*SA*]I've just got myself a blog[/quote]

    Love the colours - and words, of course!
  • New post this morning: http://theculturereview.blogspot.com/2009/12/book-review-quickening-maze-by-adam.html
  • Here's my blog:

    I don't update it that often, I try once a month. I'm keeping a writing diary on it though and add to that whenever I do something. I'm still a novice though and learning.
  • Hi all-looking for some advice on setting up a blog. The choice of sites is mind boggling but it seems most of you use 'Blogspot' so is this through trial and error? Or by recommendation?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated I think it's time I entered the age of the 'blog' :-)
  • This was the only one I could manage, all others seemed too confusing. I'd always intended to use blogspot as a stepping stone to other "better" blogs but have seemed to built up a nice following and now don't want to move. Oh, and it's free! :)
  • I was weighing WordPress the other night for a friend, and with WordPress you have to download it for blogging, from what I could gather.

    I think with the right HTML codes, Blogger can be whatever you want it to become.
  • Thanks for that-I have looked at Blogger several times and the fact it's free is very appealing and it looks pretty simple too. It seems I have a blog available attached to my Hotmail but it's not very easy to personalise so Blogger it is then.

  • New post in light of the up and coming new year:

  • I've updated my blog tonight. If anyone wants to have a gander, it's --


  • Bit of a rearrangement for the new year ...

  • Blog post for the new year and planning the writing aims for 2010

  • Does anyone know how you go about promoting your blog? Is it just a matter of posting links to it on every site you go on?

  • That's the best way SA.

    I try to keep my eye on other blogs and give plugs from time to time to ones I like. They will often naturally reciprocate.

    And if you follow people's blogs, some of their followers might look you up.

    Also make sure people can add comments on your posts, or it might put them off coming back.

    Twitter it too.
  • Updated my blog today...after like, ages...


    And revamped my other one a bit

  • You do some cracking stuff Pixie! A star rising, I'm sure.
  • New blog post on Friday:

  • Not sure if this is allowed...s if its not feel free to get rid of thread.

    If anyone here provides a writing service, critiquing, profreading, mentoring, writing support and would like a free advertising slot on the a darker spirit ezine, due out on the 1st April, I'm more than happy to oblige...will do the design work to. Take advantage...wont be free forever. :D
  • I'm 'ghostwriting' another blog for someone this morning, which got me thinking.

    I actually do three for three different companies. They're all quite nice companies - good product, well-priced, owner-owned and all that - but it's not actually them writing, it's me.

    None of them can quite get their heads around the fact that a blog is a diary - so a musing, or comment on something they've been doing. They all want it to advertise forthcoming events and services. Of course, I try to roll them into a musing, so that they don't sound naff as hell.

    I'm not hugely comfortable with the principle (but I have to earn a living) and I tell myself that I do offer good info and the companies are worthwhile. But I can't help thinking about the sheer iffiness of bigger companies trying to pretend they're 'real' people with blogs/twitter/facebook et al.

    Or maybe we're all used to this kind of game now, and nobody minds. Any thoughts?
  • SA - a bit late but I just read your first birthday post and looked at your blog. As for promoting a blog - I reckon you are on the right tracks by just sending the address to everyone who you think might like it and more so to the ones you think my not....thats where the discussion comesd in ! Good luck
  • I've *finally* updated my blog...


    Thank you, Lexia, for your lovely comment on my last blog post. xxx

  • http://blog.mcilmoyle.co.uk/blog

    OK, it's here.

    I'm not up with you guys on writing novels and such like, but you can see here that I have far too much to say for myself ;)

    Be nice...
  • That's a very fragrant post Mabh!
  • Thanks Joanne! And sadly, true.
  • grrr.... wrote a response, tried to register to login and leave said response and the ensuing confirmation email said I had provided an invalid link!
    Will try again later, probably from home, and be patient with the system this time!
    Interesting comments, wanted to respond!
  • To me, Dorothy? No need to register to post - I've firtled with the permissions so that it's a 'free for all'. But if you wanted to register... thank you.

    <furrows brow> Pressure's on to be interesting!
  • OK, when I get home, I will try again!
    I have several things to 'try again' when I get in ... I need to pay my tax bill and I got part way only to find I didn't have my passwords with me to get past the bank verification of my card - how foolish of me to think I could remember it...
  • An update for writing short stories - Part 2.

    Covers structure, themes & conflict, motivation & characterisation etc.

  • Three new posts on my writing blog this afternoon - one of the only thing I could do today.

  • I've gone through all the aforementioned blogs and now 'follow' all those I could suss out how to.

    I update mine regularly here...

  • Today blogging about progress (i.e. lack of) on my NaNoWriMo novel...
  • [quote=Col B]I've gone through all the aforementioned blogs and now 'follow' all those I could suss out how to[/quote]

    My blog software calls them subscribers. Still trying to get to grips with how it works - it isn't like the blogspot/wordpress types as it sits on the back of my website. Or that's my excuse ;)


    Updated especially for Emma :-)
  • Just added a load of you to the favourites list on my blog.
  • Oh thank you!
  • Anyone heard from shadowpen? All seems to have gone quiet on here and on A Darker Spirit over the last weeks. Maybe it's because she was overwhelmed with entries for the ADS comps. Hope she's OK :(
  • I am thinking of starting a blog...but I don't know what to call it...

    Something with 'Chippy' in obviously but I don't know what else...

    I'll let you know when I've thought of something and set it up...it might encourage me to write something more often - I think my current problem is I lack motivation and a blog might just help!
  • I have a blog!!!!!

    There's not a lot on it at the moment but hopefully that won't be for long!

  • Right, you now have a comment and a follower ;)
  • I've updated my blog. It's not about pig poo this time, so it's safe to come on over ;)

  • although I have actually updated my blog it is a 'random thought' and I won't be posting on here every time I blog a random thought...I'd never be off this thread!

    So I'll only post when it is a proper blog...

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