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  • not writing related...apart from the fact that I like to listen to a bit of his music when I'm writing but a new post all the same

  • Just added my OWC's to my blog. I neeeeed to put some stories on this thing. But then I'll need time.

  • Magical Pixie. I've added some comments. ;)
  • http://houghtsfromaserialdaydreamer.blogspot.com/ updated
  • I've only just started reading this fantastic thread (life is filled with new treats, isn't it). I'm toying with the idea of opening a blog; it will depend on time available vs. time already allocated. Time, life's biggest and most ephemeral gift. In fact it's the gift of life itself. Opportunities, in other words.

    Kate, how wonderful to have your harp at last. And congratulations on your Beautiful Blogger award.
  • Oh do, Dwight!

    Let us know if and when. :)
  • Thanks Dwight! :D

    I look forward to reading your blog when you start (go on, you know you want to!)
  • Updated Lily Childs Feardom today with news about 'Soldier Boy' - my submission to Michael J. Solender's 'Canadian Week'. My blog post is at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2010/05/canadian-week-not.html

    The piece is being published tomorrow at http://notfromhereareyou.blogspot.com/
  • Update for anyone struggling with split infinitives, apostrophes, adverbs and ambiguity.

  • this post isn't about writing but if you like handbags - it is a review of some handmade ones...

  • I wrote about getting new ideas.

  • new post!

  • New post about the writing related bits and pieces on my mind at the moment:

  • another post! similar sort of thing to the last one.

  • My first blog is now live. Big gulp. . .

  • A bit of blog advice needed - do you allow people to post their comments straightaway or have you set them up so you view them first? I'm wondering which way to go!
  • Mine can be added without a delay, but I have the right to delete them.
  • I wonder if I can do that with mine, BB? I shall have a look. Thank you :)
  • A piece on frequent writing faults

  • new post

  • New post :-)

  • New post

  • I've lost a follower :(

    But here is a new blog post.

  • edited June 2010
    Just updated my blog.

  • Aw, Pixie I'm sympathetic.

    I've done a blog post just now on today's meeting in Lancaster with Sarah Hymas of Flax Publishing:

  • Woo, gained two followers now. Obviously done something right.

    Anyway, following on from my thread, here's the link to my interview on my blog:

  • And here's my latest offering...

  • Very important notice...


    And a new one to look out for:

  • http://theworldsilivein.blogspot.com/2010/06/thanks-to-friend-of-mine.html

    Enjoy. Yes, I have updated my blog!
  • edited June 2010
    Pixie,your Blogspot blog has an 'about the writer' thing at the top. How do you put that on?
  • edited June 2010

    Page Elements>
    Add a gadget>

  • Ooooo I might do that, after I have had a nosey at yours and see what your 'About the author' says. :) Thanks
  • Added another post on the new one. You'll probably see more on this one than the other one. I can't write as much as I ramble.

  • Does anyone know how to do a post with several photo's, with text, on blogger? I'm trying to do one, but everytime I save it as a draft and the go back in to view it, it messes up the spacing between the photo's. Some of the gaps are small and others are huge! It's driving me crazy!
  • edited June 2010
    Um, no, sorry LW.
  • I've started a new meme on my blog, if anyone is interested:

  • Updated PJK Online: http://pixiejkingonline.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/revamping-the-forest-continued

    Revamped The Works of PJK: http://theworksofpixiejking.blogspot.com
  • [quote=littlewanda]Does anyone know how to do a post with several photo's, with text, on blogger? I'm trying to do one, but everytime I save it as a draft and the go back in to view it, it messes up the spacing between the photo's. Some of the gaps are small and others are huge! It's driving me crazy! [/quote]

    You just need to backspace to get rid of the spaces. I have two blogs which are purely photos.
  • This Wednesday's blog post about my recent interview experience with Essential Writers:

  • BB - silly qustion, but do you mean backspace rather than delete?
  • Right...I know this is probably stupid, having 3 different blogs for three different things but this is me. However I have updated all three blogs, including one I had to give up in April.




    Happy reading, if you're going to read it...
  • I updated Lily Childs' Feardom last night with a very nasty poem about an early Victorian prostitute with syphilis who curses the judge who condemns her - 'Woe La Poxette'. There you go - not to everyone's taste.

  • Anyone getting bored of me yet? Because I have two more posts.


  • new post - it's actually an account of recent even't in my mum's fish tank...but it reads [or I think it does] like a mystery story.

  • Blog update for those interested in 'Show Don't Tell'


    Also, some stories and flash fiction.

  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/06/tale-of-five-fish-part-2.html

    And here is part 2 of my true story that sounds like a crime/mystery story
  • A fish and chippy tale!
  • Another post from me. Might be one later, depending on how far I get with my novel:

  • My new blog offering...

    pp x
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