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  • I'm plotting my novel for NaNoWriMo, so posted on planning/plotting a novel
  • A quick post about testing my typing speed for the fast approaching NaNoWriMo.

  • Nano 2010 thoughts...


    And my coinciding 'thrift month'...

  • Updated the blog...finally.

  • I have to write a blog for my module Planning and Making a Film but it's turning out to be quite fun... so here is my making a film blog... only one post so far... more to come tomorrow hopefully :D


    I also decided to write a blog for my core module so here it is


    both these will hopefully be updated tomorrow
  • still plotting for NaNo. More links:
  • Just added a brief post about my next blog coming up- about my trip to Chatham Dockyards. I just need to download my photos to the computer. Then I can start writing it.
  • Blog update about excuses why we don't write


    Also, stories and stuff

  • Haven't updated mine yet, will do so this weekend. My challenge (set by MonkeyNuts) was to write something about graves. I visited Lyme Regis today and wandered around the parish church. Found some interesting graves - some for the Baggster family - which seemed eerily coincidental.
  • http://phloggott.blogspot.com/

    Uploaded some photos of Lyme Regis to a non-writing Blog.

    It's a special place, especially for the architecture.
  • I like the countryside pics BB, and the cliffs. Tyneham (is it), the strata (is that the correct term) is amazing.

    What are the wheel type objects on the bridge for?
  • It's a weir and they open the gates with those wheels - 10 minutes walk from where I'm sat.
  • Oh right, thanks. :)
  • edited October 2010
    BB, I like those photos-there's a house just along from those seafront cottages- it's tall, dark stone with some sort of dial on it.
  • I have a photo of that but didn't add it!
  • Mother f£$%^&g Halloween!

  • http://theworksofpixiejking.blogspot.com/2010/10/happy-halloween.html

    A Halloween update from me too. :)
  • http://ramblingroamer.blogspot.com/

  • More 'Halloweeny' stuff...

  • just updated my Writing Home blog again...


    its a bit rubbish today...been struggling all weekend to write that but now i've got the next blog post in my head...
  • Nano: Day 1

  • The first of my post holiday reports with one of the photos I took myself.

  • latest on Writing Home

  • Will be keeping a daily record of the loft conversion and the progress re the writing course here:-

  • Nano: Day 2

  • http://carol-bevitt.blogspot.com/2010/11/just-for-fun.html

    this is a cropped window poster- wish I knew who had taken it, it is brilliant.
  • http://stevenchapmanwriter.blogspot.com/2010/11/daily-bites-of-flesh-deja-vu.html

    Just had two more flash fiction pieces accepted into an anthology :)
  • well done B_R!!!!
  • I have updated with regards to NaNoWriMo, and the novel that is being written for it:

  • My blog on the Dickens connection to Rochester...

  • Nano: Day 4

  • Socks

  • BB where should we suggest a word?
  • Another one about Nano. Only because I was getting frustrated and needed to do something different!

  • [quote=Carol]BB where should we suggest a word? [/quote]

    That's down to MNs - she sets the challenge every day. Today I had to write about socks and have the opening words begin with S O C K S!

    Sad but true.

    I'm sure she'd consider your suggestions!
  • edited November 2010
    Yes, you can all see me now my picture is on my blog...


    And I'm thinking of a word for sending to MN.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]That's down to MNs - she sets the challenge every day. Today I had to write about socks and have the opening words begin with S O C K S!

    Sad but true.[/quote]

    Erm, 'sad'?

    <Looks for cane to whip Baggster's butt>

    I have a very organised plan for our Baggster and the words I give her each day are often words that I know she will be challenged by, or will be words that will flex her creative writing muscles.

    The 'agenda' can change, however. If Baggster misbehaves - as she often does - the words become either more obscure, or less interesting. She then has to think of a way to add a sparkle to them. I think you can all guess why I gave her SOCKS yesterday.

    I'm really quite strict with her. You have to be.

    <Cracks cane on desk>
  • Yet another new blog update. This time, [fiction] Friday, based on my NaNo novel!

  • MN, I left a private whisper for you anyway. :)
  • [quote=Carol]MN, I left a private whisper for you anyway.[/quote]

    You did?

    <Wonders where that went>

    Was it a juicy word?
  • Perhaps the system isn't working.
    You should see it under whispered discussions in the left hand column under the search box.
    I'll whisper the word next on this thread.
  • Posted my flash fiction comp up as well as last week's winner - a little Pixie some of you might know. http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com
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