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Getting review from Amazon.co.uk to show on Amazon.com

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Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I vaguely remember a thread a while back where you could link the reviews from one site to another (or at least add them on). I have been trawling through the threads and can't find it but I have been quite poorly so perhaps I dreamed it!
Does anyone know if there is a way of doing it? I am currently trying to sort out the several people who I asked if they would be prepared to leave a review when they contacted me to say they enjoyed it but couldn't work out how to load it as they had bought it directly from me (they need Amazon accounts first!) and just noticed that the reviews on there do not show on both the co.uk and the .com sites.
Any ideas gratefully received as I'm feeling a bit of an idiot for not being able to suss it out. :\">


  • No, Gina. They don't carry across. If you know the reviewers you can ask them to leave the review in both places. In the past I've been able to copy and paste them via Author Central, but I've a feeling I was unable to do this with later ones.

    Amazon should really attend to this. It's frustrating!
  • Thanks at least I know now. In future I can ask people to leave a review on both. That's if they can figure out how to sign up to Amazon to start with. They are actually strangers to me but do know other family members and have sent me nice little notes but that doesn't count as a review for Amazon. lol ;)
  • The other thing you could do is put one of the best quotes in the blurb or in your author profile.
  • Oh, and some people leave a note at the end of their ebooks with a reminder to the reader to review - and where.
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    Quote TinyNell, "The other thing you could do is put one of the best quotes in the blurb"

    Technically the quotes belong to Amazon.
  • I've had a few requests from authors to re-post my reviews on the other site - happy to do so. Not everyone can be tracked down - but you could contact via the 'comment' option on the reviews.
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