Writing holiday (not course) ideas?

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Hi all
So, first post for me but am a WM subscriber and after an online writing course last year I am slowly working on a novel. I have, through change of circumstance, got 7 days leave in August this year in which I'd like to go away for a kind of writing retreat, somewhere European, lovely but peaceful, so that I can hunker down and get on with writing! No procrastination, no distractions, just writing.
My requirements are pretty basic - somewhere interesting with a desk (ideally in front of a window) with a view and within striking distance of an airport for easy enough transfer. Not so hot as to be distracting, though I accept it will be August in Europe!
Would anyone have any ideas? Flights I am fortunate enough to be able to sort fairly easily, it's a place and accommodation I need inspiration for. AirBnB sounds like what I need... but with so many millions of places to choose from I am a bit stumped. So far my ideas are very broad... Barra (Scotland) to Dubrovnik and anywhere inbetween.
I'd be very grateful for any ideas, suggestions or pointers.


  • Ireland. Lots of self catering or B&Bs there. Not too far, and there's Guinness!
  • Hi, thanks.. my godmother is in Ireland! Can you help me narrow it down? Where might you suggest I look? I've always been intrigued by the number of islands off the west coast but I know nothing about them!
  • All i know is a small patch of Co Fermanagh where my daughter lives. Claudia on TB lives in Ireland, she might help.
  • Hi, LC14 and welcome to talkback. If you're looking for a comfortable room with a table that can be used as a desk set up overlooking a beautiful view, free WIFI and a delicious breakfast, the junior suite here might suit you: http://caherlodgebantry.com/

  • Sounds like you won't go far wrong with that offer.

    I have always found going into a totally different environment to the one I live in helps a lot. But nothing to do with air travel for me [-(
  • i like to be at home among all my books. I find anywhere else too stimulating and think abut anything but writing - however when I get back I write loads.
  • Thanks for the thoughts. I am thinking also about Aix-en-Provence, anyone been? Anyone recommend places to write or eat? Long shot I know!
  • I wish!
  • and there's Guinness!
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    Coullioure in the Languedoc, on Spanish border is a dream of a place.
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