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Blog Updates
  • Just thought I would create a thread for bloggers to infrom TBers when there blog has been updated. Good idea? Possibly.

    P.S I have just updated my blog.

  • Sounds like a good idea to me Emma - plus it gives me a reminder to actually UPDATE my blogs :P

    I'll have a look at your blog after lunch ;)
  • I will look too emma. Mine is updated daily at the moment, though no doubt will dwindle.

    Oh, any news on your 3 manuscripts?

    My blog is :

  • Um...I still have nothing to post.....sooooooo until I actually write something, you is not seeing it....
  • Thanks febes I will look now. No news on the 3 manuscripts it is still early days (especially as one only went out this moning). Expecting to wait at least another month to be honest.
  • Blog updated, but keep forgetting I've signed on to Twitter. How come it's easier to write two hundred words, than twenty? One of life's great mysteries that.

    Best Kaz

  • I have updated my blog with the next episode. This week - Wendy gives away rather more than she thought about Brandon's parentage...

  • I've updated mine today. There's this week's 'tell-me-what-you-think' story. and also links to any stories that have been put up on other sites this week. www.leehugheswrites.blogspot.com
  • Great idea, Emma :)

    I update mine most days: www.movingbackmovingon.blogspot.com
  • Mine is updated most days (I actually have two of them). Having said that, I didn't get round to it today (either of them), or the last few days. Will try to tomorrow though ...

    www.juneaustin.blogspot.com - this is the publishing one
    the.thechrysaslisbreaks.blogspot.com - this is the more personal one

    best to keep them seperate I find.
  • I find that when I write about something serious like books or writing, I get hardly any response. When I write a load of twaddle about my life in general, I get comments back quite quickly. Anyway - here's a post about life in general -
  • Update: http://kazjordyn.blogspot.com

    PS Anyone here a commissioning editor? Ha ha.

    Best, Kaz
  • Mine are updated regularly with brevity and pertinence (I hope!).


  • Update mine every couple of days, like today as I'm showcasing more of ColB's editorial skills on TKnC
  • Lee,
    Flattery will get you everywhere!
    Ps. It's a cracker of a story!
  • Updated my blog yesterday with a review of the Wax Lyrical event


    I emailed a link to the event host and she will be posting the review on her website. :-)
  • I updated mine twice this week

    and you can read the [fiction] Friday story.

  • Have updated mine. Today is [fiction] Friday, so my story is up there.

  • Here's my latest - went live last week.

  • Updated my blog last night

  • http://writesideofthepage.blogspot.com/

    A new one.
  • I updated mine the other day....Only look if you want to see inside me mind...

  • Probie, your Blog is brilliant. I will read it in full later.
  • Really? I was thinking about adding two more entries soon when I gather enough motivation to do it...
  • I have just posted a review on my new blog

  • Updated mine just now

  • I've started adding writing competitions to mine.

  • New post today of a competition that I came across that others may be interested in

  • Ta da!! New post!!


    I hope you realise I will be posting the updates on here religiously as I am seriously lacking in comments and followers. I guess it's just a matter of time and self-promotion.
  • Just read your last three posts Emma.
  • http://daytonswarpedways.blogspot.com

    Mines been updated, again, not that anybody reads it I don't think....

    Mind you, who would?
  • I update Alfie's Diary every Day - this month the number of pages read has been my highest ever. For some reason 11th July seems to be popular and I have no idea at all why - maybe it has a subliminal message that I missed! www.alfiedog.me.uk
  • Hi there, Woll here, look at my first blog on the following website .http:www.fionaswritingfolio.blogspot.com
    There you will learn the origins of my TB name. Happy reading with hopefully a smile. au revoir.
  • You have all totally inspired me to start a blog. I had been working on a website but lazily, when I chose my domain name, I chose a package with a website builder (stupid - I'm a Dreamweavering Web Designer!) and am not happy with it. So blog it is. Much easier, and free.

    It's at: http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/

    Could someone be a darling and tell me if it will allow you to post comments - I thought I'd set that up but can only see my tools icons (even if I'm logged out). Thank you indeed, especially Emma.
  • http://writesideofthepage.blogspot.com/

    Just posted a short story which (some time ago) won a Writers' Forum comp and was published in their anthology of winners.

    It's theme might amuse Dorothy!
  • They do an anthology of winners? I know they used to bring out a book once in a while - is that what you mean?
  • This was in one of their previous lives. The competition has changed since I was a fiction writer. It was when John Jenkins first took over as editor.
  • Baggster, absolutely loved your psychic story.

    It seemed so real and the pace of the story was excellent.
  • Thank you so much!

    I enjoyed writing it.
  • New post today mainly about how I have increased my writing output

  • Just updated mine, with a new feature....(It's a post basically)

  • now what made me read this thread? I don't blog and it holds no interest for me so there I am reading it and finding BB's story ... nice one, only the reading didn't ring true, not for that money ... for £20 my friend Brian does 3/4 hour and a tape ...
  • New post!!!!

  • http://echoesacrossthevalley.blogspot.com/
  • Film review of The Time Traveler's Wife

  • Does it include spoilers? I'm still reading the book.
  • No, I've been careful not to include anything that could be considered a spoiler BB
  • Read the review and it was excellent. I believe a TBer has commented that there's a slight variance to the novel - but not what.
  • Just updated my blog: http://kazjordyn.blogspot.com

    Best, Kaz
  • Mine is up to date.
  • Just updated mine a bit. Will try to add to it regularly now.


    Thanks for the helpful, first ever comment, Mr Bury! Hope it didn't hurt the hand too much.