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kids poetry workshop advice please
  • Our writing group has a stall at a community festival next weekend. We're doing stuff to promote our beach theatre show. I want to get some kids to write pirate poems. Haven't done anything like this before. Anyone got any tips on getting children to write poems on specific themes.
  • You need Liz for this, she's done poems with children at various events.
  • LizLiz
    Write a simple form poem which they can use... have all the words at the end rhymable and still making sense. So they can choose any of the options, but only one is right - however, the other choices are funny.

    I think at a stall you will struggle as their attention is not going to be on you, and they might wander off and come back which won't help if you are trying to get 'how to write' info across. I'd go for as simple as possible.
  • ana sana s
    Thanks, Liz. That's really useful advice. I could easily have planned something quite detailed that wouldn't work at all in that situation. Simple it is.
  • Would big flash cards with sample words they could use help things along?

    And the simple form poem that Liz suggests - write it HUGE on a board so they see it as they pass and the need to add to it sinks in subliminally.
  • Thanks, Lizy. I'm thinking of giving them a first line: If I was a pirate I would...
    then letting them choose from flash cards: wear..., eat..., sail to...., in a..., with..., sleep..., chase... etc
  • LizLiz
    Sounds fun! If you had a line for others in the pirate ship. i.e. the ship's cat and the parrot, you could mix up what the children say for the parrot and give the line to the pirate to make them laugh. The poem could be written like that.