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Special offer
  • My romantic novel, A Year and a Day is on special offer this week - 99p/99c http://getbook.at/AYAAD

    Do price reductions like this actually encourage people to buy the book do you think, or is it simply that the offer gets promoted so people learn (or are reminded) about the book?
  • As a reader if a book is cheap I am more likely to buy it but quite often I read the first few pages before I decide what to read. My sister will download anything that's free or cheap in the genre she reads in.
  • I used to download loads of free ones, then realised I'd never read most of them. Now I just get them if I'm really interested and/or if it's a friend's promotion to help the ranking.

    With pay ones, I nearly always use the 'look inside' feature.
  • It depends who it is having the offer, so yes, I do go on how good the book is likely to be I suppose the same as looking in the front.

    What irritates me are the people coming here lately offering free books to download just for advertisement and with no thought of being a member of this community.

  • That is annoying, I agree.

  • Whatever the reason - it's working!