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  • Being a writer, I have personally experienced difficulty in getting published. Getting published is a goal that every writer aspires to. But how does one stand apart in a world filled with writers that are all trying to achieve the same end. In the past, I have used social media to promote myself. But social media can only help so much and it doesn't reach the audience that matters. Why use a shotgun when you need a laser? That's where Pr for People comes in. Founded in 2007, Pr for People provided you with low cost public relations tools that are affordable on any budget. Pr for People guarantees you press coverage for your expertise. Sign up for free.
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  • Talk about overkill...
  • 'Provided'? No point if it is all in the past.
  • Shouldn't that be PR?
  • How tiresome some people are.

  • SmithJo said:

    I have personally experienced difficulty in getting published.

    So tiresome when editors and publishers insist on pesky things such as grammar, isn't it?
  • And original ideas...
  • This one is going to sink too!

    Thanked by 3Phots Moll Carol dora
  • Good 'cos it already stinks.