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What's this at the top of the Talkback page?
  • Webbo, this is on a grey bar across the top of the page:

    Invalid Text Tag Requested [gluetext_soap_offline] [Quantum.GlueText]

    I've no idea what it means or why it's there, and what's soap got to do with anything? Has anyone else got that?
  • It should be a little sign saying the site isn't working properly as it's broken. But ironically that sign is broken.
  • I posted it a few days ago on Webbo's thread about the website's issues. It's 'in hand'...
  • Glad it's not just me.
  • Oh, yes. I see it.
  • Yes, I have it too, though I hadn't noticed until Mrs Bear pointed it out.

    There are lots of things I don't notice until someone points them out.
  • I've got a new blank box that now says 'Orbital print' in it.
  • Still got the original glue, soap and tag thing.
  • Just had an email from Family Tree. The magazine's been taken over by Webbo's bunch and I have a new contact for my adverts. He's branching out...
  • ...been taken over by Webbo's bunch...

    Y'know, I've talked to them about renaming the company in line with the public perception but for some reason Mr Warner seems to favour the old-fashioned approach
  • Stick in the mud.