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Privat emessages not so private?
  • I'm pretty new to this site and haven't worked it all out yet, but during some general lurking time and exploring I came across a user profile where their private messages (what I assume are supposed to be private at least) were on display under 'Activity'. Is this right? Or maybe a glitch in the new system?
  • You can have private discussions - which are private - or you can post comments on someone's profile - which aren't private. It's a glitch in as much as some users aren't aware of the difference and post private messages in public.
  • Luckily none of us have any secrets.
  • Not any more
  • Nope. Although since the photo-sharing option was removed our blushes have been saved... for another forum.
  • Lol, right-oh. Definitely think I saw some messages that peeps thought were private. Good to know. Thanks.
  • Ha! You might like to let them know - via a private message.
  • Yes - I discovered this when I got a PM from someone complimenting me on an OWC entry. Since I realised PMs weren't P, I have behaved accordingly.
  • Well I haven't had a PM, so it's not my dirty washing being laundered in public.
  • Gosh. What if they were discussing one of us...
  • People can say what they like about me. If it's good, I've heard it before. If it's bad then they're wrong, so who cares? :))
  • What a lovely saying - and it's true!
  • Hi,Baggy - again.
    What the heck is this 'PMing' thing all about?
  • I've sent you one.