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  • dora
    Has anyone seen the Waitrose advert which ends showing a display of three chocolate balls of ice cream and a blood orange sauce?

    Most revolting sight ever.

    Doesn't look delicious at all. To me that looks like somebody has blood in their stools.
  • I have always admired your turn of phrase, dorakins
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  • Hadn't seen it. But here it is:

    I see what you mean...

  • Not very appetising.
  • Oh. I can't see it... whatever has happened?
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzsPwtymu98
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  • Well - it doesn't look too bad to me...
  • BetsieBetsie
    I saw it last night... I thought ooh that look's yummy. Thanks for your input Dora - it doesn't look quite so yummy now (lol)
  • I've seen the advert and I thought it looked lovely!
  • You haven't put me off, dora - it looks fine to me.
  • Not seen it and can't see it here, so I'm not put off at all.
  • I keep wanting to have blood oranges but it does seem odd, maybe they're copying Sainsburys' little twists, but Sainsburys ones are not all new
  • Blood that has twisted and turned through one's colon, Jen.
  • I wonder if your TV has the colour set right, dora - on ours it is a colour not at all like bowel contents.
  • dora
    Hee hee.

    It's probably just my eyes LIz. The orange does look red to me. And the balls of ice cream look like plop, IMO.
  • Dora - it's your over-vivid imagination, not your eyes!
    Don and I saw this advert yesterday and thought the icecream looked lovely.
    Cold and tasty, not hot and smelly at all.
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  • There is one advert though that always makes me chuckle.

    That one where that girl is on her elevenses break and eats a go ahead bar while dancing in front of everyone. Ooh fair cracks me up that one does!
  • Methinks, you are all over obsessed by the thought of food?! It seems to crop up a lot that topic...! Jus tantalising for me, the fantasy of food. Diet restrictions limit my intake, but I know I don't wish to see the advert mentioned here. Sounds gross and most distasteful...
  • dora said:

    Blood that has twisted and turned through one's colon, Jen.

  • What IS that, cc? Looks more like vomit than poo. Yuck.
  • I can't bring myself to even peek.
  • Scaredy-cat.