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Who's In October 2016's Writing Magazines?
  • Who's in October 2016's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 1st September so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

    If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

    Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.

    * This issue has the Competition Special.*
  • I have spotted a TBer or three... even more. :)
  • Well it won't be me this month as I have neither entered anything nor done anything worthy of note in such an illustrious tome.
  • kado
    Mine has just arrived.
  • Me apparently :)
  • Ooh well done. Doing what?
  • Goodness, they're arriving early aren't they? No sign of mine - but then I wasn't expecting it for a few more days.
    Well done, BR... for whatever reason! :)
  • I'm wondering if I make another appearance. I suspect there's some coverage of the Just Write short story competition but I don't know if I managed to elbow my way into any of the official photos.

    I really must subscribe, although the walk to the newsagents probably does me good.
  • Mine is here. Had a quick flick through and saw br at the top of a very long bit. Well done, old chap!

    I shall devour it later.
  • heather said:

    Ooh well done. Doing what?

    Article about thinking outside the box when it comes to writing :)
  • Don't know page or title, but most of you know I'm Steven Chapman by now :)
  • Yes, mine's arrived too. Good to see they've got back to normal schedule for subscribers.
  • Just got mine. Not a TBer but have spotted Ian Ayris (he knows 2 tbers at least :P) straight away but then I knew he had an article coming up.

    Will read it now...
  • BR, you're on pages 14 and 15. Title Does it have to be a box?
  • 14 is a good number...

  • Well done, b-r.
    October already? But it's still summer.
  • Well done BR, looking forward to reading it later this afternoon. :)
  • I always look forward to reading them, because I forget what I wrote five minutes after I send the buggers off :P
  • Yay! After my massive rant last month about delays, I came home to a surprise. I'll probably suss the competition insert before the mag itself!!
  • danfango said:

    I'm wondering if I make another appearance. I suspect there's some coverage of the Just Write short story competition but I don't know if I managed to elbow my way into any of the official photos.

    Yes, Dan, we're both there on page 28 - you better get yourself down to that shop!
  • Mine was waiting for me when I got in this evening. Will look at it later.
  • Congratulation danfango and sallyj.
    Thanked by 2danfango sallyj
  • I shall look forward to reading about you again, Danfango and Sallyj. :)
    Thanked by 2danfango sallyj
  • Jen
    I'm actually buying a copy this month. Maybe I'll read actually finish reading this one (I never do so I stopped buying them) competition special must be bought. Looking forward to reading boredrobots article

  • Congratulations b-r, Dan and Sally.

    I'm still away, it'll actually be October by the time I see it (and last months) Shouldn't think I'm in there though.
    Thanked by 1sallyj
  • Just going through the competition special and marking competitions I'm interested in entering.

    Quite a few good WM comps for the first six months.
  • Just read a rather good article by a Mr Chapman! Well done danfango and sallyj, look forward to reading about you.
    Thanked by 2danfango sallyj
  • Still waiting... :-w
  • My name is on the Swanwick comp page in the poetry shortlisting
  • Well done Nef!
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • You're on a roll, Nefertari!
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • Well done Nefertari.

    The info I provided for our writers' club National Short Story Competition appears in the competition special under February.
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • Congratulations on your poetry shortlisting, Nefertari - and well done for getting your club's comp in the competition special, Carol.
    Thanked by 2Nefertari Carol
  • Shortlistings, mentions . . .

    Congrats to all.

    I'll just hibernate for a month. Spend my time in the Scoff Thread!
    Thanked by 2Nefertari sallyj
  • Woo, just picked up my copy :)
  • Congratulations to BR for the article and Nef for the shortlisting.

    I didn't get a chance to get myself a copy today. Tomorrow!
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • Well done Nef.
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • Ahh, to be shortlisted...well done, Nef!
    Thanked by 1Nefertari
  • Realised that could sound like sarcasm! It wasn't! :P
  • Mine's arrived at last. I shall look forward to reading it tonight!
  • Mine arrived too, Claudia. We're the outposts of the WM empire, I think.
  • Congratulations to all (daren't name everybody in case I miss someone and cause offence!).