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a little bit confused
  • In Oct 2016 WM there's a competition regarding a book deal with the Book Guild. I read the entry requirements, and this has caused me some confusion as in the same magazine there is an article entitled 'Get Out There'. The former requires a 'one-line elevator pitch or tagline', which is fine except that in the article an elevator pitch is described as being between 50 and 70 words.
    What to do????
  • Are they two different things, each with their own requirements?

    Are the closing dates the same?
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  • Sound like the article is a guide to the length of the average elevator pitch so write the one line tag but bear the word count in mind.
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  • Comp entry requirements could be tighter than you would otherwise allow for a pitch. Stick to the rules of the comp - it must be a one-liner.
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  • For the comp, I'd err on the side of tagline... i.e. the tantalising teaser sentence from the book cover or top of the blurb.