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Who's in January 2017's Writing Magazines?
  • Who's in January 2017's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 1st December so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

    If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.
  • Anyone received their copy yet?
  • I will never understand receiving the January issue in November :S
  • Magazines, except topical ones like gardening, are always published earlier than dated. It's psychological. People want to buy the most up to date copy.
  • I know it's always happened but it makes bugger all sense to me. If they used the actual month then the latest one would still be the latest one! And if the point is Magazine X has a July issue, but Magazine Y has an August issue, and it means people will buy the Aug one - then they're idiots buying a magazine for it's date rather than the one they wanted in the first place. If Writer's Forum says March 2017 on it, I'm not going to pick it over a January 1984 Writing Magazine because it's more "up to date"...people, man, people.
  • I've just got the January issue of Woman's Weekly fiction special. It mentions Christmas and 'seasonal joy' on the cover and features Christmas trees and the editor's letter is talking about Christmas. It's just stupid not to call it either the December or Christmas issue.
  • Or the September 2001 having no mention of the Twin Towers attack...all seems too weird. Apparently one of the reasons to call it the next month is so newsagents know when to pull it from the shelves...are they not just smart enough to pull February issues when March hits? :P
  • Yes, it's a stupid system. It would be better to number them than give them months as the month names are meaningless.
  • I'm more concerned that the general on sale to the public date is tomorrow, and subscribers are still waiting for their copies to come through the door.

    Webbo, are the printers being awkward again?
  • My concern too Carol.
  • I have great difficulty understanding why some women complain about magazines being post-dated, when women, in general, are renowned for back-dating their age!

    Quite obviously, I need not include myself in this analogy. :-SS
  • My mum was "39" for ages, until it became apparent that she would have had her children in her early teens.
  • Magazines are more like the sweet old ladies who tell everyone, 'I'm nearly 93, you know'.
  • I mentioned subscriber copies were late again, when WM posted the cover of this month's issue on Facebook.

    Reply here: Hi Carol, we shall investigate this for you with our team. The issue is out tomorrow, if you do not have it by then, please send us a message.
  • It's arrived!
    Thanked by 1Carol
  • Hmmm. Favouritism!!
  • Got it!

    Congratulations to the very worthy TB winner. @};-

    My lips are sealed.
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  • Oh! I want to know who! (Not me, I know.)
    PM me TN - I don't subscribe and I can't wait!
  • Ooh yes. Well done Mystery Person!
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  • Postman's just been - page 42/43 :-)
  • Hooray for Smaug, the Mystery Winner!!

    Fabulous poem.
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  • Congratulations, Smaug!

    Postman has been, but he didn't bring my magazine.
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  • Congrats Smaug!
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  • Well done, Smaug!
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  • Mine was waiting for me when I got back from shopping.

    Congratulations, Smaug.
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  • Is West Midlands really that far away from everything?
  • Mine was waiting for me when I got home this evening.
    Congratulations Smaug.
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  • Yay well done Smaug!
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  • This issue was in Tesco thismorning
  • Congratulations Smaug
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  • I saw a TBer mentioned in a letter too.
  • It's arrived! And I get a mention on page 9.
  • Well done, Smaug.
    Nice to get feedback, PM.
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  • Mine arrived yesterday, but only opened it in bed last night.
    Congratulations, Smaug - I loved your poem!
    Well done on the mention in one of the letters, PM.
    Thanked by 2Phots Moll Smaug

  • Postman has been, but he didn't bring my magazine.

    He probably hadn't finished reading it.

    Congratulations on the poetry win, Smaug!

    I haven't had much free time lately, so I think I'm still making my way through the November issue, which presumably hit the shops in early June. It does seem daft to have a magazine with topical stuff like the Writer's New pages of WM, when the listed competitions and submission deadlines can have passed well before the beginning of the month stated on the front of the magazine.
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  • And a further problem now, is that as the edition is printed as January, there has been no foresight to frame a competition around the theme of Valentines Day.
    Doing so in the February edition would make it seem an afterthought.