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A Plea For Peace
  • Ah - Christmas Eve will soon be here;
    I'm galloping off at three
    To spend this time of festive cheer
    In Sheringham, by the sea.

    The golden shore, the Panto Dame,
    I love to see them both
    But Sally Ann won't play the game -
    To hear them I am loath.

    At seven a.m. they make me wake-
    Why can't they let me be?
    "Christians Awake"? For heaven's sake,
    That don't apply to me.

    Your banner fits your tuba, Dears,
    That's all I have to say
    So stuff it in so that my ears
    Can have a rest that day.

    Let not your drumsticks beat their might,
    Your tambourines must cease.
    To doze in bed I have the right.
    Dear Sally, give me peace.

  • :((
    Thanked by 1Iceni
  • If anyone woke me up at 7am on Xmas day, I'd know exactly where I'd be putting that banner :-?
    Thanked by 1Iceni
  • A car alarm woke me this morning at 7am. I. Am..Not. Happy.
    Thanked by 1Iceni
  • I woke at 5am and I am extreeeeeemely happy thanksvery much

    Tus fab tobe alive, alive a live OH
  • SURELY you haven't been at the liquor THIS early, dorakins!
  • She's been suspiciously cheerful for DAYS - very worrying.
  • I know. And it's Christmas, which she hates. I think we should send round help...
  • Did snailmale take his bike with him?
    No, hang on, he'll have drunk a bottle of red by now.
    And Carol's been at the booze - is anyone sober enough?