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Contracts with magazines
  • I've been asked to sign a contract with a woman's mag for my short story, but can't understand most of it. Where can I find out what all the jargon means?
  • If you let us know who it is with, then there will probably be someone on here who can help. (In an advisory way, not 'legal')

    or Google e.g. DCT Contract and I daresay it will have been discussed.

    The most important thing will be what it means for you, in terms of re-use/resale etc.
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  • Important words to look for:

    'exclusive' - means them only.
    'non-exclusive' - means you and them.

    All rights/formats (now and in future) means everything, whether you can use the work elsewhere or in another format could depend on the exclusivity or non-exclusivity.
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  • You could email it to some of us for a quick read?
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  • Wow! You are fast in response. Thanks for all your comments. I'll try Phots Moll's site and get back.
    Boredrobots? Do you mean send bits of contract? If so then 'Moral rights' what's that?
  • Being identified as the author, being able to say nuh uh to changes, not being named as author of something you didn't write...