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Who's in May 2017's Writing Magazines?
  • Who's in May 2017's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 6th April so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

    If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.
  • I've got the Star Letter and over a discovery that took me completely by surprise. I wonder how many Talkbackers have had similar experiences. It strikes me more as copyright infringement than 'fair dealing'. I'd love to know what you all think.
  • Well done montholon, look forward to getting my copy to read it.
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  • montholon said:

    I've got the Star Letter... I'd love to know what you all think.

    I'll let you know when I get my copy! :)

    p.s. well done on winning the Star Letter by the way!
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  • I'll ask for the two copies of this thread to be merged.
  • I'm just glad to be here. Computer playing up this morning, emptied my cache and then found that I'd forgotten half my passwords. Grrrr!
  • Please use the other thread with the 20+ comments showing...