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Editing services
  • Does anyone have any experience of editing services - good or bad, worth the money or not?
  • dora said:

    Yessir! Best in town.

  • I run a children's manuscript critique service.
  • If you can't self-edit, or if you don't know the rules of grammar and punctuation, and can't step back from your work, whether you mean to self-publish or you want to send it out to agents, then you'd be wise to look into employing an editor. (I think that about covers it!)
  • Make sure the editor has experience in your genre. Structural editors specialise, copy-editors follow on from that stage and you don't need to worry about specialisms at that point. The editor will pull the plot apart and make you defend the characters and their actions. The copy-editor will polish that collaboration. Most copy-editors also offer proofreading services.