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  • Peoples' Friend person emailed me with the following message today:
    'Dear Mr Davies,
    thank you for sending the story titled 'Market Day'. Sorry but it is too weak to interest readers.'
    Hey! I've never been Mr anyone.
  • Did you reply to let them know their error?

    Poor Mr Davies might have put champagne on ice and is poised with the corkscrew...
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  • As long as he hasn't got yours...
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  • Gosh, and rather a damning report...
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  • That's a standard type of reply from them- apparently.
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  • I'm married to a Mr Davies - but he's not weak and has no trouble holding my interest.
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  • I see competence and manners are scarce in the hallowed corridors of the People's Friend.
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  • LizLiz
    Perhaps all the names should be redacted. Because he is a writer and might come here. That would be brutal.
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  • Yes 'tis an amusing inaccuracy!
    My reply to P'sF: Thank you for the message regarding my story. I feel obliged to comment: my name is not Mr Davies.
    Yours etc. P'sF's apologetic response begging me to send another story was immediate! She's given me a line hasn't she?

  • Hey Patricia. Look at the positives. Perhaps 'Mister Davies' would make a great pseudonym!
  • Confusion reigns already Paige!
  • Was the title of the story correct or was that Mr Davies' story?
  • Hi Lou, 'Market Day' is the title of my story. May I ask: did you receive any royalites for your contribution to the Wyvern series of publications?
  • I don't want to interrupt a reply but can't help saying it reminds me of a publisher who told me, amongst other things, "there are simply not enough readers who are interested in a worthy effort". Publishers can certainly be cutting. Perhaps they realise we writers develop broad shoulders, with all the rejection we get.
  • An editor (not pf) once rejected a story saying they didn't see the point of it. It went on to sell twice elsewhere. So there!
    I have had pretty cutting ones from pf too.
  • Hi Patricia - yes I did I think. Not much but it was something!
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