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Who was Homer?
  • A homer is a receptacle referred to in the Bible. So Homer about whose identity a debate rages in scholarly circles may not have been a anyone!
  • heatherheather
    Maybe he was a pigeon!
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  • Ah - an Homeric conundrum!
  • Indeed! Some say Homeric poems we have now are a collection of what were originally, orally composed stories. So if a homer was a receptacle for grain the book is a homer of poems. Therefore poems are like invaluable grains. Perhaps Homer's the title ancient Greeks gave the collection when the stories appeared in written form?
  • I believe he composed them in a rhyme and rhythm which would be easy to remember so they would survive by being passed on orally [before writing].
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  • Is there any evidence to support Bill's theory?
  • I started a course (OU) on Homer many years ago. I dropped out early because I had over extended my commitment. It was an idea supported by many, including my tutor,
    to explain the way/style of the original oral tales were received It makes sense. We remember things from childhood because of the sing song style.
    Evidence? I understood the origins of this material to be before the written word.
    I might check google, as I suspect some of you are, and check.
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  • LizyLizy
    I thought he was married to Marge and worked in a power station.
  • I did the OU Homer Poetry and Society course too Bill. In the Learning Guide the word Homer is always a proper noun. There's no reference to the Biblical term homer.
  • Cuttle
    "I long to be a
    Home Sweet Homer.
    Why, there I'll settle down,
    beneath the palms
    in someone's arms
    in Pasadena.
    Yes, in Pasadena town!"

    (from The Temperance Seven, 1961)

  • I like the Temperance Seven. There's something humorous about their act.
    By the way, I'm three times happy today having had two floral designs published in the June/July edition of FLORA INTERNATIONAl, a story in THE CAT, and a report (using the press release and images) in SUFFOLK NORFOLK LIFE mag.
  • Well done Patricia - have you put this on the Triumphs thread?
  • Haven't seen that lately Lizy.
  • Wrong name! Competition wins, or similar!
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